Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 6: Someone Who Doesn't Live In My Country

Having lived in a number of countries, there are many people I could write about for the Week Six writing challenge. However, I am going to write about someone whom I love dearly, but who doesn't often get mentioned on the blog, my Auntie Jean! I think she reads here somewhat regularly so, if you're reading this, "Hi Auntie Jean! I can't wait to see you again."

Auntie Jean is my dad's only sister, and she lives in Kansas. I am named after her (my middle name is Jean), so we've always had a special relationship. I have fond memories of going to visit her over spring break, with my grandparents, in their motor home, the year I was in Grade 9.
This is us at my aunt and uncle's 25 wedding anniversary (left) and on her front stoop when I flew to Kansas to attend a friend's wedding and got to stay with her.

The year I lived in The Netherlands, Auntie Jean flew to Germany with my grandma and grandpa to visit my great aunts and a cousin. I got to meet up with them in Germany and we had so much fun together. If you're reading this Auntie Jean, do you remember laughing with Louise and Elizabeth? And the shopping trip? And watching Prince George get spoiled by his sisters?! It was such a fun couple of days. And yes, this is awesome early 90s style here!
Auntie Jean is funny, loving, and really goes the extra mile for her nieces and nephews. I am so thrilled that she flew to Ontario to support Dave and I on our wedding day. (I looked through all nine million of our wedding pictures, and couldn't find a good one of her. She is always in the background, cracking up!)

And she loves her great-nieces and -nephews too! Here she is with Sam in Edmonton in 2010, and with Rachel, at my cousin's wedding, in 2011. Like I said, she reads the blog and this week I'm going to be doing a project with the kids which she sent me by e-mail because she knows I like doing interesting things with the kids. Like I said, even from far away, she knows what's going on in our lives.

Dave and I have already started dreaming about another US road trip, potentially through the Mid-West out to California, and a stop in Kansas to visit Auntie Jean is definitely on that itinerary. Hopefully our paths will cross before that though.


  1. Oh I love aunts! Such a cool relationship you guys have. :D

  2. Aunts are the best, aren't they?

  3. Sounds like a very sweet and special lady! So glad she stays close at heart despite the distance!


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