Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Another Day In Paradise

Being in Saskatchewan for me really is just indescribable. Especially when we spend most of the time on my parents' yard. They have a farm which a huge yard out in the country and they have worked really hard to make it shine. And then when Sam and Rachel come -- well, they pretty much rule the roost.

It's been really hot this week so Mom dragged out the turtle kiddie pool. And the hose, with the water wand attached, to fill it. Well, forget the pool. It was all about the water wand.
You all know how much Sam, especially, loves mini golfing, right? Well, Opa decided that paying for mini golf was silly so he built a course for Sam and Rachel. In their yard. And when Sam and Rachel decided that five holes wasn't quite enough, Opa added another five holes.
He didn't even let the fact that we couldn't find mini golf clubs to buy anywhere. One morning, he took Sam and Rachel to the shop, and made some out of scrap metal.
So if you can't find us, we're out on the mini golf course somewhere. Try the back five first!
And to make Sam and Rachel's lives complete, yesterday Oma and Opa took us fishing on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.
I want to take the above picture of Sam and frame it. I just love it!
Sadly, we didn't catch anything, although Sam did haul in a good sized stick : ) Ha ha ha!
After a hard morning of fishing, we enjoyed a picnic lunch underneath the bridge.

Yep, being in Saskatchewan is pretty much like being in paradise, at least for the kids. And lest you think that I'm not enjoying it, just wait until tomorrow's post...


  1. Looks like you all are having a blast! Do your parents take reservations? I think I need to plan our trip there. =)

  2. So much fun--I love being home in Alabama as well! You got some great pictures too.

  3. Hold on, isn't that turtle "pool" actually supposed to be a sandbox? Because I swore that's the exact model I had as a child and it was all sand. :)

  4. Sam looks just like a real live fisherman in that photo!

  5. Definitely paradise! I love it all! The water playing, the beautiful yard, the fact that your Dad is awesome enough to turn his beautiful yard into a mini golf course for his grandkids, the fishing...just perfect! And yes, frame that picture of Sam! :-)


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