Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 9: My Favourite Thing To Do Right Now

I'm skipping around all over the place here. I should be posting my Week 7 of Summer 2015 post today but that's coming on Monday instead. Today I am posting Week 9 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge, even though I should only be doing Week 8. (I'll explain why I skipped around next week when I actually post Week 8.) Sorry to mess you up (but not really or, obviously, I wouldn't be doing it!), and enjoy :)

Also, I would have posted earlier but the internet here has been pretty flaky today, and I had some work which had to take priority. Plus, there were beans to prepare for canning. Not that I'm actually doing the canning, but I can wash them!

I wanted to write about my favourite things to do right now because I wanted to share with you some of my favourite things to do in Saskatchewan. In no particular order, here they are:

1) I love making myself a cafe mocha (or three!) every morning on Mom and Dad's fancy coffee machine.
2) I love when my dad and Sam (and now Rachel, too!) make pasta together. This is a long-standing tradition.
3) I love reading, especially on the deck, while enjoying this view...
4)... and drinking a Funky Raspberry, a drink my mom invented this week just for me! Although my dad is the one who actually makes them. Ha!
5) Although this isn't a "favourite thing to do" per se, taking a picture of this collection of colours just made me happy, although I can't necessarily explain why.
6) Eating Saskatoon Berry pie. With ice cream. How can that not be a favourite thing?
7) I love seeing my parents interact with Sam and Rachel. And my dad really does enjoy it, even though he looks grumpy here. He always looks grumpy in (posed) pictures. Ha!
8) I love eating all the fresh garden produce my mom grows. Especially in Greek Salad! Yumm.
9) Speaking of fresh garden produce, I love having a daily strawberry milkshake. This is another long-standing tradition! (Don't ask what all this food, and the sitting around reading, have done for my FitBit stats this week. Ha ha ha!)
10) And those of you who have been reading around here for any length of time know how much I LOVE hanging out laundry. And it's even more fun hanging it out in Saskatchewan!
So there you go... These have been some of my favourite things to do in Saskatchewan this past week. And some of them (like reading, hanging out laundry, and drinking cafe mochas) are just my favourite things to do in general.


  1. Love that coffee machine! (And I love favourite with a "u".) :D

  2. I love that your time in Saskatchewan truly feels like a relaxing get away. Tell your parents I am packing my bags and will be there soon! ;-) Also, sharp, unbroken, colorful crayons make me very happy too. :-)

  3. The greek salad looks amazing. You'll have to share the recipe. =)

  4. They make me happy because crayons at our houses are thrown all over the house, broken, fought over, and left in pockets in the wash.... They never look like that..... Sadly


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