Monday, June 01, 2015

You Win Some, You Lose Some (But I Really Want To Win Them All)

Do you realize that the next time I write a resolution post we will already be halfway through 2015?!?!? How is that even possible? This year is flying by. Again, this month shows that some resolutions I am totally on top of and others needs just a little bit of work.

Books I read:

Obsession In Death -- JD Robb
Immortal In Death -- JD Robb
The Maze Runner -- James Dashner
Rapture In Death -- JD Robb
The Light Between Oceans -- ML Stedman
The Selection -- Kiera Cass
Ceremony In Death -- JD Robb
The Reincarnationist -- MJ Rose
Reached -- Ally Condie
The Elite -- Kiera Cass
The Temptation Of The Night Jasmine -- Lauren Willig
Ms. Rapscott's Girls -- Elise Primavera
Vengeance In Death -- JD Robb
Sunset -- Karen Kingsbury
Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard -- Kiera Cass
Above The Line: Take One -- Karen Kingsbury
Gone Girl -- Gillian Flynn
All The Bright Places -- Jennifer Niven
Above The Line: Take Two -- Karen Kingsbury
Holiday In Death -- JD Robb
The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer -- Michelle Hodkin

And I actually managed to write a review of a book I read in the month in which I read it. The Maze Runner review can be found here.

New recipes I cooked:

Mini Pepper Nachos -- I made these for Cinco De Mayo. They were a bit of work but very tasty. I think next time though, I will make them when there is more than just Dave and I to enjoy them!

Leek, Potato, and Spinach Soup -- This recipe was okay but none of us particularly loved it. I wouldn't jump at making it again. I think the main problem I found was that it was a little bland.

Mexican Rice With Cheddar -- After reading the comments in the post (which I only found because I'm a nerd and wanted to add this recipe to this post as I was making it!), I added another 1/2 - 3/4 cup of water. It was pretty good and Sam ate an entire helping which is always a bonus!

What day am I at with Bible reading?

Surprise of all surprises, I actually did do some Bible reading this month. I got from February 5 to February 12 which isn't all that impressive but at least I picked up my Bible again. And I did manage to finish the book of Leviticus which feels like an accomplishment it and of itself.

How many days did I drink enough water?

I think I only drank enough water three days this month, but again, sadly, that may be better than last month.

With these two previous resolutions one thing I've realized is that I need to utilize my day planner well again. After our two vacations, I wasn't as good about documenting my life in my day planner and I wasn't as motivated to either do my daily Bible readings or drink water. I'm going to try and use my day planner better this month and see how that does with motivating me on these two resolutions.

What percentage of Sam's lunches were made at night?

Again, since I wasn't documenting this in my day planner, I don't know exactly how well we did on this (I think we might have missed one day) but, in general, I feel like this resolution is going really well and we are in good shape for September when we will have to make TWO lunches every night. Ahhhhh.

Where are we at in Canada?

After working on it for what felt like the entire month I finally got Alberta's post published this past Friday. However, there are only three territories and one province left to write about so it looks like we'll have made it through Canada by the end of the summer.


I went running about three times this month (thank you neverending stomach flu), but I did participate in my second 5K run for the year. I wasn't super thrilled about how I did but I will save more details for my post tomorrow.

House cleaning:

Again, thanks to the stomach flu, I didn't clean the house as often as I wanted, but in general, I feel like our house is cleaner than it was last year so that's exciting :) (Or a depressing statement on the cleanliness of our house last year. Take it as you will.) Also, thankfully our house doesn't take very long to clean so I actually got six rooms cleaned yesterday in about two hours which really helped my housecleaning goals for the month :)

Bun baking:

I did bake buns this month. I am getting a ton more comfortable with bun baking but it does cause quite the conflict in our house because there are never quite enough buns for all of us to be satisfied. Maybe I need to start baking twice a month...

The other thing that wasn't an official resolution of mine, but which I borrowed from my blog friend, Amanda, was to have a physical. Well, I finally got around to making an appointment (last week) and I now have a physical booked for November. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait. Yerghks.

This is a boring pictureless post but I don't have any exciting pictures to go with this. I'll work on that for next month as well, okay?! :)


  1. I am so excited/jealous of how much you read this month!! Then again, that is probably thanks to the stomach flu, and I'm not really jealous of that, so...we'll call it even. :) Looks like you are/were on a JD Robb kick- is that series good?

  2. Wow, I can't believe how much reading you get accomplished! I really don't know how you do it. I am sure I waste a lot of my time, but it just seems like reading is one of those things I can never accomplish lately. I think it is because I require quiet and no distractions to enjoy a book and that is impossible lately. Plus, it just makes me sleepy. Sigh. A physical sounds like a good idea for us all. I just had my women's annual (six week postpartum) check up and found a primary care physician and saw her so that I can keep my thyroid medication regulated. I guess that helps keep me going to the doctor. Does it usually take you guys that long to get in for doctor's appointments? November just sounds like a long time to wait. I guess it is a good thing you aren't sick...except that yucky stomach flu that I hope is now gone for good. And no, I cannot believe it is June already. Summer is going to be busy here...and short! Evan is only out of school until after the week of July 4th, and we will be out of town for about two weeks of that. I hope we can squeeze in enough summer fun for him.

  3. You read that many books in one month?!? Even prebaby, I'm not sure I'd be able to match that. As for the books themselves, as you know I recognize a few, but I think the one I'd most want to read would be The Selection.


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