Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Sad Tale Of A Boy And His Fish

As you may remember, a couple of months ago for his birthday, Sam got a fish, which he promptly named Betta. Betta was a good fish, and Sam was a good pet owner. He always remembered to feed Betta and spent a lot of time just watching Betta play.

Sadly, on Saturday night, we suspected that Betta had died, despite the fact that Betta fish are supposed to be long lasting. By Sunday morning, we knew that the worst had happened.
Sam was pretty quiet on Sunday morning and when we talked with him he said that he wanted to bury Betta outside in front of some snapdragons we had planted the previous week. He didn't want to flush Betta down the toilet and he wanted to wait a bit before burying Betta.
So last night we had a funeral for Betta. Sam and I dug the hole. Sam drew a gravestone for Betta (you can tell Betta is dead because his eyes are x's and it's a sad face after Betta's name), and Dave and Rachel performed the funeral procession.

We all said what we liked about Betta and then Sam covered him up.
Sam wants to get another fish but he wants to wait awhile, "Like maybe next week Mommy."

The one thing which has caught me off guard is how sad I am about Betta's death. I don't know if it's seeing Sam being sad or what but I've just felt really sad these past few days.
RIP Betta. You are missed.

FYI, I asked Sam both if I could take pictures during the funeral and if I could write this post, and he was okay with that.


  1. Poor fish and poor Sam :( RIP, Betta...

  2. Oh poor Betta and poor Sam!! I had a similar fish in my first office, and I hated it when he...ahem...passed. And always hard to see a little one suffering. I'm glad you guys had a funeral for him. Well loved.

  3. Awww that's so sad!!! :( Poor guy!

  4. Oh my goodness... now you've got me crying...

  5. Poor Sam and Betta (and you!). This is the hard part about pets. I know it's a good lesson for kids to learn as well but it doesn't make it any easier on a Mama's heart!

  6. This post really got to me as it brought back painful memories of my childhood pets I lost. I had a lovely little white bunny my mom's dear friend gave me. I held it in my arms as it passed away after being scared badly by a neighbor's dog. It was my first day of middle school so I will never forget that day. :-(


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