Monday, June 22, 2015

A Father-Focused Weekend

I'm getting this post up later than I had intended because I had planned to drop Sam off at school, come home and bake banana muffins, write this post, and then do some housecleaning. But then I spilled a glass of lemonade-iced tea all over the kitchen floor and the cleaning took on a bigger priority. So now I'm working on this while I'm waiting for the floor to dry and then I'll make banana muffins. Oh, and I've already done four loads of laundry this morning so that's been keeping me hopping as well. And it's bedding change day too. And All. The. Things have to happen today because we had a really good, but full, weekend, in which there was no time for baking or laundry or housecleaning.
We started our weekend off by inviting some friends over for a Low Country Boil (LCB). Their son had walked Sam home from school twice a week all year and we have spent the past year wanting to make a LCB again thought they would enjoy this unique (to us Canadians!) experience. They brought double chocolate brownies for dessert and we ended up eating so much good food. And now they are trying to figure out when they can start making LCB for their friends and family.

On Saturday we headed into Toronto to catch another Blue Jays game. We enjoyed our first one so much we couldn't wait to go again and this weekend seemed like the perfect time. I love watching games and looking up to see the CN Tower. I also love Rachel's preferred game watching position! I don't love the fact that the Jays lost this game, especially because they had the bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the eight and didn't manage to score AT ALL. Sadness. But we had fun anyways!
I love walking from the Skydome to Union station. We take the skywalk and it's so pretty. The kids love walking over the trains.
We ate supper at the food court of the mall where we'd parked to go see the game and they had a Chipotle, so I ate there for the first time ever! Yum! It's a good thing we don't have them around here or I'd have to go and eat there every day.
Yesterday we got up early to go cheer Dave on at his third 5K event in six weeks.

If you look at the runner closest to the bottom of the picture who has just crossed the finish line then you will see Dave as he started his run. He's wearing royal blue shorts which are a little hard to see in this picture because the barricades are blocking them.
And here's Dave as he's finishing his run.
Yay!!! He just crossed the finish line! He was pretty pleased with his time. While he was running I covered almost 5K myself (with both kids) as we walked to Tim's for breakfast (well, we did that before he ran), and then took Rachel to the bathroom twice.

In the afternoon we ran a few errands, including getting Dave some new clothes, and then we came home and had a BBQ with our first CSA veggies of the season. Yum!
After that busy weekend we all went to bed early last night because we were exhausted. In fact I'm still tired today which doesn't bode well for everything I need to get done. For now though, my floors are dry and I have to go bake banana muffins.


  1. What a fun weekend!! I'm jealous of your LCB!!! I haven't had/been to one in forever!

  2. Sounds fun! You might have the two cutest Jays fans!

    Have you ever been to Holy Guacamole? Hands down my favourite mexican place. SOOOO GOOD (and local ingredients!)

  3. There is no better place to be in the summer than the ballpark. :D

  4. How funny is it that we both ate at Chipotle last weekend? I knew you would love that place. It is so good, and you don't have to feel too guilty since it is pretty healthy too. What a fun weekend! Congrats to Dave in a great run!


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