Friday, June 19, 2015

A Day Of Rachel

Since we had Rachel's birthday party on the weekend, I told Rachel she could do what she wanted for her actual birthday.

First of all we went to the grocery store where Rachel picked out special cupcakes for dessert that night.
Then, since she wanted me to do her nails, I booked us for a mother-daughter pedicure. Rachel also got to have a "medicure" (manicure) as she kept calling it!
Sadly, I woke up on her actual birthday with a really bad cold, so I asked Dave if he could stay home to chauffeur us around and so I could nap in the afternoon. He agreed as I was feeling pretty awful. (If it hadn't been Rachel's birthday I would have just stayed in bed all day. Blah.) This meant that Dave could join us at the food court, which is where Rachel wanted to go for lunch.
Then, because we are awesome parents we took Rachel to buy her a birthday gift. (If we really were awesome parents we would have bought her a gift weeks ago. Well okay, at least before her actual birthday.) She and Sam keep fighting over Sam's Grade 1 workbook so we bought Rachel one of her own. She was pretty excited about it and started working on it as soon as we got home.
In the afternoon we had about an hour dedicated to Sam for a special milestone he had going on (more about that next week), and then Dave made grilled cheese and tomato soup, which is what Rachel requested for her special birthday dinner.
We quickly did Family Flyer Time, ate some cupcakes, and then headed out to watch Dave play ball with our church ball team. First, we picked up some hot chocolate at Tim's for a special treat. After the ball game, Rachel, Sam, and Dave ran the bases. (Sorry for the bad phone pictures; I forgot the good camera.)

And when the team found out it was Rachel's birthday, they sang her "Happy Birthday" which she got a big kick out of!

All in all it made for a busy day but I think Rachel enjoyed every minute of it. And since she didn't get to bed until 10pm, she had a lot of minutes to enjoy!


  1. What a great birthday! I can't believe she's 4! Karsyn will be right there with her in a couple of weeks.

  2. My favorite part of the day was the medicures!! That is the perfect word!!

  3. I can't handle the cuteness of the medicure!! That's a great idea to let her pick on her actual birthday. We may do the same for Nina (as much as she can tell us anyway).

  4. I love how Rachel got this special day all about her. Her and Brody are so much a like and are so appreciative of the small things we do for them. It makes it fun to do things for them. :-)


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