Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Who Says You Can't Buy Back Your Childhood? And Running...

This past Saturday was the MCC Relief Sale in New Hamburg. (For more information on what exactly "MCC" and the "Relief Sale" are, see my explanation here.) Dave and I decided to participate together in the 5K Run For Relief on Saturday morning, since Dave's parents agreed to take both our kids. We were excited and raring to go, even though, thanks to the stomach flu, I hadn't run a lot in May.
My friend Karen also ran. Let's just say that, thanks to our generous sponsors, our main donation to the cause were the funds we raised and not the success of our run! Last year the run raised just over $5000. Let's just say that our sponsors this year donated almost 10% of that amount just to us.

My goal was to finish, and I joked before I began, that I aimed to finish last. Let's just say I almost achieved that. I think I "ran" the 5K about 30 seconds faster than I did in January. I walked more than I wanted to (maybe about half a kilometre) and I blame my dismal time on the fact that a) I didn't run a lot in May (and not at all in April), and b) it was about 22C (72F) (with 100% humidity) at 8am and I do not do well in heat. Blah. I was so hot I thought I was going to pass out. I was also proud of the fact that out of the 160 runners, there were only two women in the age 40-49 category (Yep, I finished second in my category! Ha ha ha!), so at least I was out there and representing my age group :)

But I did it. And now I am eager to practice for my next run in October. I'd love to do it in 35 minutes or less.
Here's me chowing down on a falafel after the run. This is about an hour and a half after I'd finished so my face isn't as red as it was right afterwards.

On the way home from the sale, we passed a garage sale and I exclaimed, "Dave! That desk is EXACTLY like one I had growing up! We have to stop!!!" And he turned the car around, I jumped out, and since it was only $20, within about thirty seconds, we had acquired the following desk.
Sam and Rachel have been fighting over it sharing it gladly with each other ever since! And every time I see it sitting in our playroom, it makes me smile. And when I sit in it, I remember pretending to be Laura Ingalls slaving over her schoolwork, or penning the great Canadian novel. I'm beyond excited that Sam and Rachel will get to make some great memories of their own in such a random, but beloved, find.

Is there anything from your childhood you wish you could have back? Do tell...


  1. Oh what a fun find!!! That desk is awesome!! And way to go finishing the 5k! That is always an accomplishment to be proud of!

  2. Congrats on your run! I am quite sure you would have beaten me, but one day I vow to run a race. I used to love running as a child. I am not sure if my husband will join me, but I bet Evan would be a great running partner...of course, he would likely leave me behind. Haha! I love that desk. I am so sentimental about things like that from my childhood. Here's one that I also purchased...I had a little stuffed dog toy as a child that was named Boo Hoo. He had a little tissue attached and tears coming out of his eyes and was supposed to be your crying companion when you were feeling sad. I loved him! When I was older and married, I was sad that I could not find him or many of my other stuffed animals from childhood because I like to pass that stuff on to my kids. I thought my parents had accidently thrown out the bags containing the stuffed animals during one of their moves. Anyway, I found an exact replica on Amazon or Ebay (I can't remember which), and Eddie purchased it for me. It was like brand new. Then, some time later, I found a bag of my old stuffed animals in my parents' stuff and low and behold, there was my old Boo Hoo. Haha! He was a tad more worn out, but now I have two Boo Hoo's for my kids. Sadly, none of them seem interested in them so far. Haha!

  3. That desk is fabulous! I wish I had my Sweet Valley series that I gave away. Silly, but I'd love to have it back.
    And I love my Pure Barre, but man oh man do I miss running. Good job on your 5K!


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