Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Taking Wing

A couple of weeks ago I got to accompany Sam's class on a field trip to the local airport. It was a lot of fun, especially when we got to hear from Firefighter Blake and see the airport fire engine in action! It was fun for me to see how Sam interacts in a class setting. And I got just as big a kick as the kids did out of seeing the fire engine spraying water :)
Firefighter Blake tells us about the engine before demonstrating how it sprays water!
Are you a field trip person, or not? I love them, probably sometimes more than the kids do :)


  1. I used to love going on field trips with our son. I also loved to see how he interacted with the other kids. It also gave me a day off work so win-win. However, his class never did a cool trip like that one - I would have loved it just as much as you did.

  2. What a fun field trip! Addi, especially, would love going to the airport. Jason goes on all of the field trips with our kiddos and I go to the class parties. At first, it just worked out that way, because younger siblings aren't allowed to go. Over time, it just became our thing. The teachers seem to like it when he goes, so that he can lift ice chests and do other heavy lifting. =)

  3. You really do the most fun field trips and outings!! I don't have kids, obviously, but I am with you - I think I find the idea of them much more fun as an adult than I ever did as a kid. Back then they were just stinky bus rides and warm lunches.

  4. I like going on field trips with Evan and hope to do them with Brody, but it is a little too difficult with two kids in tow. This reminded me of the airshow we went to since the kids' favorite part was cooling off by running through the water the firemen were spraying. :-)


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