Saturday, June 22, 2013

You Gotta Fight For Your Right... potty! But first you gotta graduate from preschool and celebrate.

So today was Sam's last day of preschool. We had to go to the Spring AGM so I could be elected treasurer of the preschool board for next year. Dave was unimpressed with my political campaign since basically they asked if I was interested and I said, "Yes!" He wanted me to have a great story about how I crushed the opposition after lots of fierce campaigning. There was no opposition.

Anyways, to celebrate Sam's last day, and to save me hauling the kids in and out of the car a few more times, we just stayed parked at the preschool and walked a few blocks to Tim Horton's. We had grilled cheese, smoothies and Timbits for lunch. ps. Rachel isn't really sneering at her grilled cheese; I think she was actually starting to say "cheese!"
On the way back to the preschool Sam was intrigued by this rosebush. The owner came out and told us he thought it was about 60 years old. Either way it was amazing.
Then I dropped Sam off at preschool and Rachel and I ran a few errands and picked up Dave to go to Sam's end of preschool party. (Notice I didn't mention that Rachel had a nap in there. Because she didn't. Yeah, it was an awesome evening.)
Sam in the parade which welcomed the parents into the classroom for the celebration. The first name Pat called was "S-A-M" and Sam just sat there smiling, then jumped up and took his spot. I love how proud and happy he looks. He said his favourite part of preschool was the sandbox.
After preschool I tried to get a good picture of Sam outside the preschool. I don't think I succeeded.
Then we came home and put Sam into underwear. We are having a Underwear Weekend Party over here. Sam will be in underwear for three days. We have to get this kid toilet trained. Dave even took Monday off of work to help. Sam gets to decide what we're eating and what we're doing all weekend, as long as it's at home so we can have a potty nearby. First on the agenda, eating lots of treats from his preschool party. And some chips and dip. Then we headed outside. Rachel got to try out her new lawnmower which Oma and Opa gave her for her birthday.
She got annoyed with it and decided to help Dave instead!
Then we had tuna noodle casserole for supper and Miss No-Nap Rachel went to bed. Then we had more chips and dip, popcorn and smoothies and watched a couple of videos. (By the way, my "no snacking" goal has been pre-empted by the "Sam gets to decide what we do this weekend and if he decides I have to have a snack too, well... he's in charge!") The first was a Mighty Machines about the farm and it was actually kind of interesting.
The second video was a toilet training video from the library and we've come to the conclusion that there are no good videos on this subject out there. Well, at least, not according to anyone over the age of ten :) Sam was highly entertained and insisted we watch it TWICE.
Dave's "Really, this is a great video" expression.
So after all this pottying partying, how did Sam do??? Well, the first few hours were rough (and created much laundry) but towards the end of the evening things improved. Yay! Unfortunately (or fortunately???) Rachel was also extremely interested so today we're buying her some pull-ups because she kept ripping her diaper off and wanting to sit on the potty too. It's going to be an interesting weekend...


  1. Ha, I have heard the younger child sometimes tries to jump on board when you are working with the older child... maybe you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone? ;) Interested to hear how it goes - good luck!

  2. It would be awesome if you got them both potty trained at the same time!!! It'll happen soon for both of them. =)


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