Sunday, June 23, 2013

Double The Fun. Maybe.

So the Underwear Weekend Party continued yesterday. Dave started the morning off with underwear shaped pancakes. You know, abstract shapes which he called underwear. Ha! I thought they were a little creepy but Sam LOVED them and that was the main thing.
Then I headed off to the gym with Rachel in tow so I could go to a Zumba class. Rachel stayed in the child minding area as she is too young to participate in Zumba. Although if it would make her as tired as it made me, I would totally start a petition allowing her to be in the class too. I was exhausted for the rest of the day.

This afternoon I was checking out a couple of websites my blog friend Bekah linked to. If you're bored sometime you should check out the sandcastle pictures on this site. Some of them are amazing. Tonight for dinner we ordered pizza. The place we order it from has a "create your own pizza" site and Sam loves making "silly pizzas" as he calls them and it entertains him for hours. Or you know, twenty minutes :)
Then Sam and I had some more to drink (the theme of the weekend) and some chips and dip. And I read two or three of the classic Thomas stories to him. (Sidenote: these stories make no sense sometimes.) I am looking so serious because I am always serious about chips and dip Thomas stories.
An interesting, and slightly annoying, side effect of this big weekend focus on Sam wearing underwear and sitting on the potty a lot is that Rachel wants to sit too. So Dave went out and bought her some pullups. (He also bought a super-annoying, LOUD, cheering, Cars potty for Sam. I made him take out the battery after about half an hour because it was driving me crazy. Who ever thought to invent these things??? Yerghks.) So after her nap Rachel tried sitting on her potty while I was reading a story. (I spent A LOT of time reading the kids stories today.)
Then we had to get some cute pictures of both of our kids toilet training. Yes, we are insane. (By the way, Rachel hasn't yet figured out how to go on the potty so we haven't had our first success with her yet.)
After the potty photo session, Sam got to play on the iPad. It was a family affair. Thankfully he was okay with Rachel randomly swiping the screen and ruining his game. He thought it was funny.
I love these pictures of Sam gleefully playing on the iPad. He's having so much fun.
Today's tally is four accidents (one when Dave took him to Wal-Mart and he was wearing a pull-up over his underwear and one that necessitated some scrubbing -- bleah) and many successes. Yay! I feel like we just might be getting somewhere with this intense weekend. I really hope so.


  1. Those hardcore weekends are tough, but I am convinced they are the only way. Evan was relatively easy for a boy from what I hear. He potty trained in one of these intense underwear only weekends and never went back to pull ups or diapers. We were really wanting him potty trained before we went on our first big trip with him right before he turned 3. Brody has been growing more and more interested in the potty routine. He has always liked copying big brother and "pretending" to go potty so we have bought him some pull ups so he can begin the process. No, he hasn't had any successes yet either, but I haven't really expected any. And we have an annoying potty is Elmo and Brody loves making it sing and talk over and over and over. I can totally relate! :-)

  2. Sounds like he's getting it!!! Wa-hoo!!! It won't be long before Rachel goes for the first time too.


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