Monday, June 03, 2013

It's A (First World) Tragedy That...

...I didn't take one single solitary picture ALL WEEKEND, especially because:
  1. I got together with my two university friends on Saturday and we had all five of our kiddos together. Rachel adored Grace and Sam and Bridget got along like a house on fire. And Rachel was picking poppies and bachelor's buttons and wearing green overall shorts embroidered with daisies. Oh, the (undocumented) cuteness!!!
  2. My belated 41st birthday party happened on Saturday night. It was so much fun and we had a great time celebrating. Dave even cleaned the entire house (and did laundry!) while I was visiting with my friends on Saturday morning. Then he cleaned up everything after the party too.
  3. We had a great care group gathering yesterday evening and Sam and Aaron had a blast playing with Stripe, the bird. Rachel was too cute walking around in a fleece which was way too big for her because Dave and I don't know how to dress our children with this crazy fluctuating weather we've had lately.
...I drink so much Coke that my niece gave me a twelve pack of Coke for my birthday and I am not willing to share a single can with Dave because it's MY birthday Coke! friend Karen gave me two awesome books in a quilting series and I have read so much since Saturday night that I am done the first one and already halfway through the second one.

...I am trying to overcome night time snacking and Dave is bribing me with buying me the third book in the quilting series if I don't snack for an entire month. So not only can I not snack after supper anymore but I have to wait a month for the next book in this series when I will obviously be ready for it in about two hours! grandma's 60 or 70 year old sewing machine is junk. I finally took it into the repair shop and, despite them saying I could pick it up in two weeks (back in mid-April), I just found out on Friday that it cannot be repaired. It is so old and needs a replacement part which the repair person cannot find anywhere. So farewell to Grandma's trusty sewing machine. (Of all the things I have listed this one actually is a slight tragedy.) nose has been running for almost two weeks straight now. I think I have developed allergies for the first time in my life which just goes to prove that you are never too old to find new ways of getting sick. Blah :( kids were so desperate for Kleenex to play with this morning that they took my entire garbage can of used Kleenexes from the weekend and used those. This resulted in me yelling a whole bunch and banishing them to their rooms for half an hour so I could write this blog post regain my temper. (Before this they had already emptied Sam's dresser onto the floor so they could use his drawers for toys and used an entire box of clean Kleenex for their game so my temper was already frayed.)

...this boring list of events and ranting, with no pictures, concludes my exciting blogging for today.


  1. Awww, kudos to you for at least trying to document the weekend events! Did any of your friends get pictures of the birthday party and other events? Yes, I probably would have blown up over the kleenex incident too. *Sigh* I need anger management therapy. ;-)

  2. Sometimes it's nice to be so busy just living that you forget or don't have the chance to even take pictures :)

  3. I love that you are not sharing your birthday Coke. LOL! Yeah, I don't think that I would be too happy about the kiddos getting into used tissues either. Eeek!!!

    1. My thinking on the birthday Coke is that it is MY present. And I'm trying not to remember that I read somewhere about the double standard of "we make our kids share their special things but don't do it ourselves."


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