Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Cambridge Classic Mile

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, last night we went to watch Tessa run. A high school in Cambridge, a city really near here, hosts the Cambridge Classic Mile. It was first held to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mark for a mile. The unique thing about this school is that it has a clay track which I guess is fairly different :) So Tessa and Willem's school had a run-off to see who would go to represent their school. Tessa got chosen for the Grade 6 girls. Willem and Tessa's good friend, Robert, was chosen for the Grade 5 and under boys.
There wasn't much for the kids to do except watch people run but we ended up being there for over two hours. We had intended to just watch Tessa run and then leave. Instead we ended up having BBQd hamburgers and cheering for lots of people.
Robert ran in his race first. Then it was Tessa's turn. Here they are, all lined up, Tessa is the third from the left in the red t-shirt.
And they're off.
Tessa ran a lot of the run with these two girls.
Some of Tessa's cheering support!
Go Tessa Go!!!
And she's heading for the finish line.
Finished!!! I think Tessa finished with her best time ever but I don't know that for sure.
A company from nearby was handing out these lunch bags to everyone. Sam got in the spirit of things and decided to run with it on his head :) At least he was easy to spot.
This was an exciting race. The man in the purple tank top is 82 years old and was trying to set a world record. He manged to beat the old one by 9 seconds. I'm not sure if it was fastest mile ran by an over 80 year old or what but we were all cheering him on!
We left as the top three finishers of the elementary and high school races got to run a mile with seven Olympians. The winner of the Grade 5 and under girls was from Tessa and Willem's school so she got to run this mile. She is the girl wearing the orange sweatshirt on the right.

This was a really fun evening for all of us and, after going our separate ways almost every night this week, it was nice to have some family togetherness time. And of course, we always love hanging out with Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem. And now I want to practice running a mile for next year so I can join the Diva run. They were all women and they all got to wear (fake) tiaras!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! Sam is cracking me up with the lunch bag on his head. hee hee hee It looks like Rachel really enjoyed watching the runners.


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