Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Okay, maybe it's just one of the most wonderful times of the year. Our CSA started yesterday and we got to pick up our first share. As you may (or may not) remember from last year, we had to drive out to the farm to pick up our food because there wasn't room at the in-city pickup. This year we get to pick up our share about a five minute walk from our house! Yay! Yay! Yay! No more driving. And our pickup day changed from Fridays (which was a stressful time for us) to Tuesday afternoons which is just heavenly. Today after Rachel's nap, the kids grabbed their backpacks and sunglasses and we were off.
I just love seeing all the fresh produce and dreaming of the meals we will be having this week.
The garlic scapes were running low so Sam restocked the basket. I just love how involved he feels when we do this CSA. He was a little sad there was no sorrel but Angie promised to bring him some soon :)

The walk home was supplemented with a cheese snail (a cheese braid in the shape of a snail) which Karen let us "buy" on credit because I didn't bring my wallet. Oh, did I mention that the in-city pickup has fresh baking offered as well?!!? An added bonus, if you ask me! I was looking forward to not having to drive half an hour to get home. Both Sam and Rachel walked the whole way home (and Sam carried a head of lettuce and the garlic scapes in his backpack) so it ended up taking half an hour to get home anyways. But did I mention that SAM AND RACHEL WALKED?!?!?! I am just so loving the fact that we can get fresh, local vegetables by WALKING! Whooo hooo!!!
I had a leisurely walk pushing the veggies home. I think they enjoyed their ride :)
I've already enjoyed a fresh spring mix salad (with local peppers and tomatoes I bought at a farm on Monday) last night after working out and I can't wait until we can throw some burgers on the grill, along with the scapes, and steam some greens. Yay for summer, fresh vegetables and our awesome CSA!

Trips to the gym this week: 1
Hours of sleep on Monday night: 4.5 Boooooo :( But I did have a two hour nap yesterday afternoon to make up for it.
Nights without snacking: Too many to count. I am kicking this goal's butt which is awesome because I've already ordered my "book." Ha ha ha :) (And last night's date night nachos didn't count. Besides even my date night nachos have been happening on a smaller plate so I'm cutting down on those too.)


  1. I wish we had something like that here. How cool is that? I like your doule stroller too. I think I would use one like that a lot more often than the one that I have.

  2. Yes, what kind of stroller is that? I really want a good double jogging stroller that doesn't cost a fortune. *Sigh* Also, I want some fresh veggies, but there are so few of us in this house who would eat them (just me and Brody for now) so I don't buy too many at a time so they don't go bad. :-(

  3. I've recently become fascinated by CSA' fun is this!? And I love it that they WALKED. Triumph!!

    1. Okay, I'm replying to comments so late that it hardly seems worth it but I'm anal and obsessive so here you go. If you even see this, that is :)

      We love our CSA. And it is super-amazing that the kids walked. I was so impressed!


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