Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Soccer, In Theory

So our neighbourhood has soccer at a local park. It's great because you can just show up when it works for you. There are a couple of experienced parents who run drills and then divide the kids into teams. Sam LOVES soccer. In theory. In practice, it's a whole different ballgame, shall we say :)
Sam decided he was going to wear his bike helmet the whole time so he was easy to spot. Of course, he also was not at all interested in running after the ball.
He was interested in standing on the sidelines...
...and running away from the ball.

Rachel was also interested in soccer. In theory.
In practice she seemed a little scared of the ball...
...unless she had a good hold on it, of course!
We'll keep taking Sam to soccer and hope that the excitement becomes a little less theoretical and a little more practical. Until then, I will stand on the sidelines and laugh, because honestly, how can I not?! :) As for Rachel, she's a little young for soccer yet but I thought those two pictures were too funny not to share. Although I did kick the ball back and forth with her a little bit so maybe next year???

Sleep last night: 8.5 hours
Nights without snacking: 2
Trips to the gym this week: 1
Things are looking up!!!


  1. Ha! I enjoy lots of sports in theory as well. Just not actually doing them. And WTG on the goals- a third of the way there on the gym this week!! :)

  2. The helmet is way too cute! I love the picture of Rachel with her hand turned upward. She is adorable!

    1. That picture made me laugh so much I knew I had to post it!

  3. Great job on the sleeping! i am jealous!

  4. Well, I have to say that a lot can change in a year. When Evan first played soccer at 4, he grasped the concept of the game very well, but he wasn't at all into "fighting" to get the ball and wanted to stand back and wait for someone to pass him the ball...which you know with kids is not going to happen. He just wasn't ready to be that aggressive. Fast forward a year when he was 5 (last fall), and he loved it. He was one of the best players on his team and scored some awesome goals. Then, we decided to sign him and his cousin up for an inside league in the winter which I never blogged much about because we all HATED the experience. It was the most disorganized mess so our little loosely organized team with no real leadership was matched up against these much older teams that had been playing together for quite a while and even had their own professional looking uniforms. It was crazy! Anyway, it is great that you are exposing him to sports early, and you just never know what they'll be interested in as they grow up. And Rachel may actually turn out to be the better soccer player because the girls Evan has played with have been incredible! :-)

  5. My parents signed me up for soccer the year I turned 5, and according to my mom, I was pretty similar. I'm pretty sure I touched the ball in a game twice the entire year, but every time I did it was worthy of cheering. I then went onto play through college, so who knows how it'll change


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