Thursday, June 13, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

So last night I watched four episodes of Gilmore Girls. I was having a lazy evening and did absolutely nothing productive. Unless you count putting Rachel to bed and managing not to snack while watching almost four hours of TV on DVD, which I kind of do.
Gilmore Girls (2000) Poster
So this morning I was going to go to a spin class with Vanessa, like I did last Thursday morning, except I woke up at 6:07 and the class started at 6:10. Instead I was on the cross trainer by 6:35. I did a hill program for half an hour and now it hurts to walk.

I got home, showered, ate breakfast, did dishes, dealt with a temper tantrum from Sam without losing my cool (major accomplishment -- especially since his tantrum was all about how Rachel chose the wrong yogurt to eat this morning. These are the important things in life people. If you're four.), washed, dried, folded and put away two loads of laundry, sorted through all my folders of pictures to print, cleaned up with main floor and kept three kids alive and (mostly) happy. Now all three are eating lunch and going down for quiet time/nap. And I don't know what to do next.

I have a few potential things on my list
  1. Catch up on daily Bible readings. I'm about three weeks behind :(
  2. Write some overdue thank you cards.
  3. Write some overdue birthday cards.
  4. Catch up on the local newspaper.
  5. Make some popcorn, grab a Coke and watch more episodes of Gilmore Girls.
I have a feeling #5 is going to win. After all, haven't I already done enough today???

Hours of sleep lately: 8, 7.5
Nights without snacking (except for one designated at home date night): 9 (The six kernels of popcorn I ate last night leftover from Sam and Dave's Father's Day Celebration at the preschool doesn't count since Sam really wanted me to eat it and Dave approved. And I literally only had six pieces. Which is a minor miracle.)
Trips to the gym this week: 2

And I managed to convince Dave to get me a different kind of "book" for not snacking. Unless I can find the thing I want at Target on Friday. But I don't think I will so I'm super-excited to share my new "book" with you at the end of the month. Ooooo, the suspense...!


  1. I'm glad someone else gets a little obsessive about getting through episodes of shows online like I do :) If I start watching a show, I will literally use every free second I have time to watch it - I will even bring the lap top into the bathroom with me while I take a bath!

  2. Nothing better than a GG marathon!! I'm super impressed you managed to watch 4 episodes without snacking! Since all Rory and Lorelei do is eat all the time...they make me want to join them when I watch! :)

  3. I love days when I feel like I get a lot done. I think you deserve choice 5. =)


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