Monday, June 10, 2013

It Was One Of Those Weekends

Have you ever had "one of those weekends"? I just did. (Note to readers: Dave read this post and commented that, to him, the emphasis on "those" implied a negative thing. I just wanted to say, it wasn't a bad weekend (for the most part -- wait until you read about Saturday night bath time!), it was just tiring and there was a lot going on. Proceed with caution!)

It was one of those weekends where Dave had (very) minor surgery on Friday morning but then had to spend the rest of the day (and some of the next one too) lying on the couch and not playing with the kids. Normally, Dave is very hands-on when he is home so it was hard on both of us to not have him up to his normal abilities. Also he couldn't lift Rachel for a couple of days and can't lift Sam for a week. Oh yay.
It was also one of those weekends where our whole family (mostly unintentionally) wore green shirts and jeans and then Sam insisted that everyone needed a clip in their hair. Including Daddy! And Rachel was not into posing for pictures.

It was one of those weekends where I took the kids to a birthday party for some friends of ours. It was an adorable owl themed birthday party and while there, I managed to sew not only one, but two scrappy owls. And I was there on my own with the kids while Dave continued to recuperate at home. Thank goodness for a community of friends who were willing to watch my kids while I sewed. Rachel chose all the fabrics for her owl and Sam chose all the ones for his. And now I want to have an owl-themed party for one of our kids. I just have to get a collection of scrap fabric (and a sewing machine!) first so all the guests can make their own adorable owls!
I thought these owl cupcakes were so cute!

Sam and Rachel have barely let their owls out of their sight since the party.

It was one of those weekends where Sam decided to splash half his water out of the bath on Saturday night, and being the tired mommy I was, I lost it and proceeded to bathe both him and Rachel in about two minutes flat, after mopping up the flood on our bathroom floor. This, of course, led to both kids crying hysterically and me feeling completely frustrated

It was one of those weekends where I went to bed at 9 on Saturday night and slept until 8 on Sunday morning but Sam woke up in the middle of the night and I ended up crawling into his bed with him for a few hours so I woke up feeling not well rested at all. Blah :(

It was one of those weekends where our church presented Bibles to the kids who turn twelve this year. The Bibles are left in our fellowship hall for a few weeks and the congregation is invited to highlight verses which have been meaningful to them. The parents of each child then give them a blessing during the church service. The current group of 12 year olds just happens to be a group of kids who I taught Sunday School to when they were four and I'm teaching them again this year. Three of the kids are also in our church small group. Needless to say I cried through the entire presentation time. Sob.

It was one of those weekends where I was approached about potentially being more involved in something at church next year, and even though I don't know if it will pan out or not, I have spent some time thinking about the possibilities of being involved in a different way. It would be something I would have a lot of energy for and be very excited about, but it could also just be a slim possibility. You know, one of those conversations.

And to top it all of, it was one of those weekends when Dave and I were fulfilling our babysitting duty for some friends. We are swapping babysitting/date nights with good friends of ours and tonight was our night for kid duty and their night for the date. So I stayed home with our kids and Dave went to their house and spent some time with their kids.

It was one of those weekends where I discovered, when I went to take my barrette out of my hair last night at 10pm, that I had been wearing one of Rachel's little girl flower clips all day. I'd put it in before church because Rachel insisted that if she had to wear her clips, then I did too, and obviously didn't look in the mirror again until bedtime. Hopefully a little pink flower clip went with my outfit :)

And now I'm wishing that it wasn't Monday morning with a whole week ahead of us, because you know, it was just one of those weekends.

Hours of sleep for the past few nights: 7, 8, 11 (interrupted)
Times at the gym last week: 3 (!!!)
Nights without snacking: 7

I think having you guys keeping me accountable is working out quite well. Thanks for holding up your end of the bargain :)


  1. Sounds like an exhausting weekend! I'm impressed that you managed to sew those owls DURING a party!

  2. Oh goodness! What a weekend that was. I love the picture of everyone in their flower clips. Way too cute! I'm sure everyone loved the one in your hair too! I haven't done that...yet. But, I do have 3 girls, so I'm sure it'll happen at one point.

    1. I would feel better if you had already done it :) At least it was small.

  3. Cute owls, and great job on your goals! I laughed out loud at the clip story. Can totally see myself doing that. :P


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