Monday, September 10, 2012

What Will Miss Rachel Be Sporting This Fall?

Way back in January I did a post on some of Rachel's clothes that I had just pulled out for her to wear for the next few months. I think because I had to wait so long to have a family, and now I have a boy and a girl, that sometimes it still feels unreal to me. And especially when I am sorting through clothes for my kids and putting them away. We received so many hand me downs for Rachel from four different people and so we have bought her hardly anything to wear yet. So when I see her clothes it not only is what she is going to wear but a reminder of the love and support people have shown us as we've had kids. And I get excited to imagine her in certain outfits. So here are the things I am most excited about in Miss Rachel's Fall wardrobe.

She has quite a few shirt and leggings outfits and these are two of my favourites. I love stripes and I'm pretty sure that the one of the left is from Marcia. I think I remember Olivia wearing it as a toddler and now Rachel will get to enjoy it.

Rachel also has quite a few bunnyhug (as we from Saskatchewan call "hoodies") and pants combinations. The one on the left came with two pairs of pants (and not one pair with two different legs as it looks in the picture) and the other one I put on Miss Rachel for the first time today. So cute!

This dress and embroidered top were a present for Rachel from a friend. I think this will be such a great dress for church. Ironically for this past summer she ended up with like seventeen dresses and for Fall she only has two! I keep trying to convince Dave to let my buy more but I also realize she has a lot of pants (and pant outfits) for Fall and those will likely get more wear as the weather gets colder. Plus seventeen was a lot of dresses for one kid! Although she did end up wearing most of them quite a bit.

And speaking of "a bit much" she also has three of the cutest pairs of dress shoes. One for each Fall dress outfit she has. I was explaining to Dave last night how "this pair goes with this outfit and this pair goes with this dress" and I think he thought I was nuts. (It's okay, sometimes I think I'm nuts!)

Again, I want to emphasize that almost all of the clothes we have for Rachel were hand me downs. I know that the amount of clothes she has is slightly insane and if we had had to buy everything for her, there is no way she would have this much stuff.

Also, I know that the little girl wearing the clothes, and her big brother, are the most important things to focus on but once in awhile it's fun to write (and read, I hope!) a shallow blog post. Tomrrow I will write about more substantial things again. Until then...


  1. Love it! I feel the same way about clothes--if we ever have to buy any of C's, she will have a lot less. (But they are still so much fun!)

    1. Clothes ARE fun but yeah, Rachel's going to be in for a shock (as will I! Ha ha ha!) when we have to start buying everything for her. Thankfully someone at church said they have a bag of 4/5T stuff for us so the hand-me-down streak is continuing.

      And once Rachel has outgrown things I pass them on to others who need them so it's a continuous circle which I love.

  2. I am so sentimental about my boys' clothes. I have not given away hardly any of their clothes except maybe a few old t-shirts and shorts that weren't too special because I just can't bear to part with them. I love looking at the little clothes and remembering how tiny they were wearing them. Although I am sure eventually I'll have to part with most of them, I plan to hold onto a few "heirloom" pieces for them to pass on to their children one day. Of course, I also use the excuse that we may have more children who may also be boys and will get even more use out of the clothing. But man, if I ever have a girl, I will be starting from scratch! Haha!

  3. I have never heard the term "bunnyhug" before. Why can't they just call them hoodies?


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