Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Labours of Labour Day

We had a very labour-intensive Labour Day which seemed apt. The power surged in our house around 7am and we woke up at 9:15 to Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro working on the transformer outside our house. They stayed for two hours and Sam watched them The. Entire. Time. He even ate his breakfast on the stairs so he could keep an eye on them.

Dave and I had a lot of dishes to do. We did dishes at three separate times yesterday and still didn't get them all done. (Note: As of noon today, they were almost all done. Yay!)

Sam did a lot of work downstairs with his tow truck, the IKEA chair, various toys and his hockey nets. He set up a hockey game for him and Dave to play and he did a lot of construction.

Rachel figured out how phones work and may have re-invented them!

Dave read Sam and Rachel stories before Rachel's nap. This may have been the most strenuous thing he did all day as Rachel was trying to read at her own pace and much louder than Dave was reading and Sam was complaining about Rachel's reading technique.

I weeded our flower bed with a lot of help from Sam. It hadn't been weeded in about a month so it was long overdue.

Rachel hung out and was a subject for Dave as he practiced some photography tips we got from Marika the previous night.

The results of my and Sam's labour was a much better looking flower bed and a much happier me. Yay! (And we got it done just in time too because we've had a full day of rain today. Whew.)

Dave BBQd burgers and grilled onions while I steamed beans and Swiss Chard for our supper. Sam played and cleaned up while Rachel shrieked in her exersaucer. It was an awesome dinner though.

After supper we walked to Wes, Shirley, Elhana and Aaron's to check out the fruits of their spring/summer of labour on their house. We enjoyed getting the tour and Sam enjoyed playing with Elhana and Aaron. Here is Rachel ready to go. Note how Sam laboured to get my and Dave's shoes lined up and ready for us to wear.

And after that labourious Labour Day, we went to bed.

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  1. Looks like a fun Labour day to me! I love your garden! I wish I had a green thumb like you. :-)


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