Saturday, September 08, 2012

Test post

This is a test post because I am running out of room on my Gmail Blogger account. Therefore I need to figure out how to continue posting to the blog. Plus I need to figure out the new Blogger interface. I hate change. I hate starting again. Blah :( And I don't get how to format pictures with the new Blogger layout. Poop.


  1. Good luck! Every time they change the format, it's such a learning curve. I've been using Google Plus to edit pictures. It's a lot like Picnik used to be.

    1. Yeah, I set up a new Blogger account and it linked me to Google+. I don't like change at all and I am computer-inept enough to dislike when programs change all the time a la Facebook. I've never used Picnik (I've heard of it though so that's a start!) so sadly, that wouldn't help me.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean about your account running out of room. Do you mean for pictures? I actually put all my pictures into a separate photo sharing site (photobucket). It is fairly easy to use and then you just copy and paste the html code into your blog post, and the picture will show up. You can then click on the picture and choose what size you want it to be so that it will fit on your blog and not be crazy big or anything! I usually choose "large" size for mine. It is actually a lot easier to upload a bunch of pictures all at one time instead of one picture at a time using a photo sharing site and also works as a great online back up space for pictures. Hope this helps a little! :-)


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