Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Play

If you are looking for me on Monday mornings I will likely be at Let's Play, a playgroup at my church which has been meeting for about seventeen years now. I used to go to it with a little girl from our church who I nannyed. I am so glad that it is still around so I can take my kids and they can enjoy all the toys. Some things don't change like the toys, the snacks for the kids and some of the songs we end with. However I am still getting to know the moms and their kids. It is people from our church but also people who don't go to our church so I don't know everyone. But it is so fun to watch Sam and Rachel play with all the kids and it is good to have some adult conversation. I love Let's Play and I'm so glad my kids get to enjoy it too. (By the way, Sam's car was in an accident which is why it was on its end. Fortunately neither the car nor the driver received any damages or injuries!)


  1. Awww, that sounds like a great opportunity in your community for you and the kids. I always found it so hard to find places to connect with other moms with kids my age (probably because I wasn't a stay-at-home mom for very long) and really miss that. Love you little humor in there about Sam's car accident. So glad the driver wasn't hurt...except maybe his pride! Hehe!

  2. Looks like fun! I help out with the babies at our church on Tues/Thurs for the Parents Morning Out, and I keep reminding myself that this is a special ministry that parents will be able to look back on years from now and think of how much fun their kids had and how they themselves were able to get a break. : ) It's what keeps me going I guess.

    1. While Let's Play is a group for parents/care givers to hang out with their kids, I have also been involved with some groups where it's just a chance to hang out with other moms while someone else watches my kids. I appreciate those times so much because sometimes I just need some adult time. And I think my kids need times to play with others when I'm not around. So on behalf of those parents who you give a break too, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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