Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today Was A Random Day

At least all the pictures I have to show you are just random slices of life from today. First of all I did a whole bunch of dishes while the kids pulled EVERYTHING off their toy shelf in the dining room. It was a huge mess which I didn't clean up. Dave did it when he came home after work.
Then when Sam was at preschool and Rachel was napping, I continued on with my "weed the boulevard" project. Dave and I tackled this a number of times throughout the summer but we never got it completely done. Well last Friday (while it was raining mind you!) I decided that I was having at it once and for all. So I started at one end and as of today, I am halfway through. And except for Monday, I've been out there for at least a bit every day. Yay!

After I picked Sam up from school we walked to the library to get some books. I love seeing the leaves change colours and Sam loves picking up big sticks! (I can't figure out how to format the size of pictures in the stupid new Blogger layout so sorry these pictures look dumb together. Have I mentioned before that I. HATE. CHANGE. Just leave good enough alone in my opinion. sigh. (Okay, now I've figured out how to mess with the html code (I just want to blog; I don't want to code.) but I can't figure out how to get rid of the extra line. Boo.))

Then we went to the grocery store to...uh, get some groceries. I know, not what you were expecting, right!?! Rachel enjoyed her free cookie and I enjoyed the other half of her cookies because there was no way I was letting her eat an entire big one!
And I'm sorry random lady at the grocery store that I corrected your mis-hearing of what Sam said. I understand that hearing him say, "Hello Dear Lady!" was very sweet and I shouldn't have informed you that what he had said was actually, "Hello there Lady!" But thank you for calling my kids sweet. I really appreciate it.

Tonight we are going to go watch Dave (and the rest of the team) play slo-pitch for Waterloo North. It's the (B Side) Championship Game so we're all going even though it only starts at 9. Should be a fun day tomorrow with everyone all tired out from being up late tonight but Daddy needs his fan base!

PS. Hopefully I'll soon figure out this new Blogger interface and learn how to format my pictures properly (meaning -- the way I like them) and then I can stop complaining about change.

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  1. Whoa-- that boulevard-weeding was a big undertaking!! I'm impressed you did it!!


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