Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is There Anything Cuter...

...than an almost-toddler covered in tomato sauce???

I didn't think so!


  1. Absolutely not! I love spaghetti sauce faces and have a similar picture of Evan. I'm not actually sure I have one of Brody so I may have to remedy that soon! :-)

  2. Hi Natasha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to "meet" you too. Your children are adorable. There is nothing better than an almost toddler covered in tomato sauce. Unless it's a genuine toddler! Or a preschooler!

    My real name is Natalie, but my grandmother always used to call me Natasha. She would write Natasha on anything she gave me too. She passed away in March (at age 94!) and whenever I have seen your name in comments on Sherry's blog, it has reminded me of her. She was Polish and Natasha is the Polish version of Natalie. So, we basically have the same name!

    1. Thank you for thinking my kids are adorable. That is very sweet of you. I think they are, but I know I'm biased :)

      And yes, whenever I look up my name in baby name books (or on websites these days) it says that "Natasha" is a form (diminutive, I think!) of "Natalie." That is neat that your grandma used to call you Natasha.


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