Monday, September 03, 2012

Welcome To The Family: Rebecca and AJ's Wedding

The main impetus for my trip to Saskatoon last week was to attend my cousin Rebecca's wedding to AJ. Despite the rain driving us under a tent for the outdoor ceremony, it was a beautiful, fun-filled day.

The day was filled with lots of unique and interesting touches like the wood piece my uncle made at the front of the tent, and the goldfish swimming around in the centrepieces. Both Rebecca and AJ are outdoor people who like to fish so the fish were a symbol of that enjoyment. Plus they were really funny!

The reception hall was beautifully set up and the best part of the whole day was spending lots of time with family. I got to see all of my aunts and uncles on my dad's side of the family...

...and all of us girl cousins were together which was also a lot of fun! (And excuse my stupid smile in the first picture and just look at how awesome the rest of my cousins look! Ha ha ha!)

The best part of the dance was dancing with various cousins including my 15-year-old cousin Seth who I dragged out on the dance floor with me (!!!) and my cousin Darcy's boys, Sam and Charlie, who made me laugh a lot with their rockin' dance moves! And yes, Rachel was at the wedding but somehow I ended up with NO pictures of her. Sadness :( But she did go out to try and catch the bouquet when the DJ asked for all the single gals in attendance to participate. Rebecca even let Rachel smell the bouquet before she tossed it. It was super-sweet.


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