Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Daily Photo: September 23 - 30, 2019

It's been about two months since I've posted a Daily Photo picture. Although I am trying to get back into it, you can tell I wasn't completely successful this week :( However, here is my best attempt. Hopefully next week will be better...

September 23, 2019 -- On the first day of Fall, I captured this picture of my sunflowers surrounded by the "fall garland of pinecones" Rachel made at her summer camp in August.
September 24, 2019 -- Remember a few years ago when I found it hard to take pictures on our busy Tuesdays. Yeah, that might happen again this fall. Boo :(

September 25, 2019 -- I went to the library with my book club to hear our "One Book, One Community" author, Joanna Goodman, speak. The moderator was not that great so I was a little disappointed in the conversation.

September 26, 2019 -- It was picture day at school for these two. I didn't have a chance to capture one in the morning but they let me take this one in the afternoon.

September 27, 2019 -- I've had a problem lately with having all my baskets of laundry filled with clean, folded laundry to put away. I don't know why it's been so hard to stay on top of lately.

September 28, 2019 -- I was sick with a cold this day. Lots of dozing on the couch is not conducive to taking pictures. Who knew?!

September 29, 2019 -- This is the first pitch of the Toronto Blue Jays' last game of the 2019 season. If you look here you will see the "bookend picture," as it were!

September 30, 2019 -- It's been awhile since I've shown you our backyard. The summer flowers are gone and we are waiting for the leaves on our tree to change colour. And the lawn still needs mowing. Hmmm...

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  1. Those sunflowers are beautiful! Is it just me or is picture day kind of stressful? It's so hard to get them to spend more time getting ready in the morning and then if they don't take the pictures early, they'll look like slobs again haha. Last year we got good ones for all 3, so I was happy! Can't wait to see your pretty leaves once the colors change - SO ready for fall!!!


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