Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What's Up Wednesday: October 2019

Welcome to the What's Up Wednesday for October. I looked back to see what I had written about in previous Octobers and this is actually the first time I've done a WUW post for October. Huh.
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What we're eating this week... Dave has been gone on a work trip since Monday so we're all about the easy suppers this week -- eggs on toast, tuna noodle casserole, and tacos. Tomorrow night we're eating out because Dave's work has trick or treating and I won't have time to cook before regular trick or treating. After tomorrow, we'll be eating candy for the rest of our lives. Ha!

What I'm reminiscing about... I've been reminiscing about past Hallowe'en costumes.
I was 37 when Sam was born and I'd always dreamed about dressing my baby up as a pod of peas. I have no idea why I was so fixated on that particular costume but I was so happy on Hallowe'en 2009 when my pod of peas dreams came true. And then we dressed Rachel up as a pod of peas for her first Hallowe'en in 2011 too!
In 2010, eighteen month old Sam dressed up as a lion. Tessa and Willem (good friends of ours) were Gryffindors. 
For Hallowe'en 2012, Rachel was the lion and Sam was Piglet. Then for Hallowe'en 2014, Rachel was Piglet and Sam was Tigger.
For Hallowe'en 2016, Rachel was Russel Martin and Sam was Kevin Pillar, both Toronto Blue Jays players. This Hallowe'en still makes me a little sad because Rachel said everyone made fun of her for "dressing up as a boy." Poo on them, she was an excellent Russel Martin.
I think my favourite costume ever of Sam's was 2017 when he was Harry Potter. I think he nailed it. And my favourite ever costume of Rachel's was last year when she was a moose! Hahaha!!!

Thanks for taking this walk down Hallowe'en memory lane with me :)

What I'm loving... I am loving our fall colours! I am also loving the fact that it was sunny (or at least, not raining) for the past two days so I got lots of laundry hung out. I squeeze every laundry hanging moment I can out of our weather.

What we've been up to... Our fall activities are definitely in full swing -- Rachel has four different dance classes and both kids have piano. Then Sam has signed up for two new activities -- once a week he plays basketball and once a week he attends a "sports night" at the school. We are basically on the go most of the time. It's busy but I also know it's just a season and it will be over before I know it.

What I'm dreading... I'm dreading November. Unlike, Americans, we Canadians have already celebrated Thanksgiving and there's just not a lot going on. Plus, I am dreading the time change. I already hate the dark and now it's going to get dark even earlier. WHY???
I'm sorry you
Canadians celebrate
Thanksgiving in
October, leaving you
with no days off
from work in
November. Sorry you lost an hour trying to figure out if we lost or gained an hour this weekend.
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I grew up in a province where we didn't mess with our clocks ever so I still don't get this whole time change concept.

What I'm working on... I've been working on Hallowe'en costumes for this year and getting ready to worship lead at church on Sunday. Thankfully both of those things are almost done.

I've also been working on reading all the library books. Why are they always all due at once?!?!
My current stacks of library books.
What I'm excited about... Dave has been away for work training and hasn't been home since early Monday morning. He gets home tonight and I can't wait! Also, I'm excited about Rachel's Hallowe'en costume this year :)
And on Saturday, WE GOT TICKETS TO SEE HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're not going to see it until May 2020 but I'm still excited about it.

What I'm watching/reading... This past weekend was Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. You can read more about it here if you're interested. Anyways, you can read the reviews of the books I read in this post here.
As for watching, I've been watching World Series baseball and our leaves changing colours. Fun times :)

What I'm listening to... I've been listening to the sound of fall leaves rustling beneath my feet. I'm constantly looking down at all the leaves. I just love this time of year!

What I'm wearing... Slippers. Pictured below are my slippers and Sam's slippers. Do you know how hard it was to find slippers for a boy between sizes 1 and 6? I looked in about a dozen stores and finally got help from my Facebook friends. These are from LL Bean.
Sadly, my slippers have holes in them so I think I will soon be on another slipper hunt. These came from Costco and I LOVE them but I don't think Costco carries them any longer. Boo.

What I'm doing this weekend... This weekend I'm worship leading at church on Sunday and hosting my book club on Sunday night. Other than that, we'll probably just enjoy a quiet weekend. Yay!

What I'm looking forward to next month... Nothing. Ha! There is seriously not much going on in November so maybe I should just enjoy a chill month.
I'm reading the Harry Potter illustrated editions out loud to the kids so maybe I'll get lots of reading done with them. Maybe... Rachel and I are on Book 2 and Sam and I are about to start Book 4.

What else is new... I think that's about it. I can't think of anything new.

Last month I read almost every single WUW post on the link up and I hope to be able to do that this month too so I'm off to read now... Happy Wednesday!


  1. We got Hamilton tickets for April 202o! Super excited. I also do a very tiny American Thanksgiving feast. It makes November more fun!!

  2. Loving the Halloween costumes from years past.


  3. Those babies in costumes - soooo cute! I found a couple of my kiddos from about five years ago and my heart melted. Guess what? I had no clue Canada did the time change thing too - I thought it was a stupid USA thing! Glad to see our northern neighbors get this joy too (ugghhh total sarcasm there). I read two books in October and am sharing that on Friday :) I started The Immortalist last year but couldn't finish :( Off to read your reviews.

    1. I think all babies in costumes are cute! I was (half) wishing I could go back to my kids as babies this past Hallowe'en :)

      And yes, most of Canada does the time change, with a few exceptions.

  4. I am totally loving all the throw back Halloween photos. Plus reusing the Halloween costumes is awesome.

  5. OMG, that meme about daylight savings was my husband and I last night. We were actually fighting about it and then we drew pictures to try and figure it out. We dropped it but I'm pretty sure I'm right ;) Love looking back at old costumes, you've had some good ideas!

    1. Daylight savings time is so frustrating in so many ways!!!

  6. You made me smile when you said Dave has been away a lot - my husband Dave has also been away a lot! Love the book pile, good luck reading all of them! I read Harry Potter to my kids and it took us a few years to finish them all!

  7. 1. I love the Halloween costume recap! Sam totally nailed HP; it's the best I've seen. And boo on those jerk kids for making fun of Rachel the year she was a baseball player. I really don't like kids like that.
    2. I also hate DST and apparently it's the one and only topic I agree with Trump on because he too wants to do away with it. Will it happen? No. But if it did, it would be the best thing to come out of his presidency.

  8. Love all of your halloween photos from years past! You will love Hamilton! It was incredible!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you! And I am soooo excited about Hamilton. I've heard nothing but good things about it.


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