Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 19: What's In My Bag?

This week's writing challenge is to write about "what's in my bag." Ever since Tim and Janice gave me an LL Bean canvas bag with a picture of a pig Tessa drew on it, these have been my go-to bags. I used my first one so much it wore out. This is my second one and it's been holding up fairly well.

I got a large size and Dave thought it was ridiculously huge. Considering how often it is full (or overflowing) with various things, he was quickly convinced this was the right size to get. So this was what was in my bag on a random Thursday morning.
At the top left is my purse. I will unpack that, so to speak, a little later in this post. The Tupperware container with the yellow lid holds an assortment of acetaminophen and IBU. I got tired of never having medication with me when I got a headache so I started carrying it with me.

Continuing clockwise is the old-style credit card machine from work. This is not usually in my bag but I needed to process credit cards at home yesterday so I had to bring it. Next to that is a stack of work I brought home. I carry the black binder (my job "Bible" as it were) and the purple folder with me every time. The purple folder gets filled with whatever I need to work on at home.

The last thing in my bag was a stack of library books to return to the library. These are symbolic of all the various things which get stuck in my bag for me to deal with -- library books to return, dry cleaning to drop off, things to return to people.

Another thing, which isn't pictured, but which is usually in my bag, is our camera. However, I was using it take these pictures so you can't see it.
I rarely carry just my purse, but I always have it in my bag. It's navy and I bought it at Target about a year ago. Again, I just emptied whatever was in there at the time. On top you can see a pile of coupons and my wallet. My dad brought it back for me from Bhutan so it's pretty unique.

The next "row" is my cell phone, which I forget to charge and forget to carry. As soon as I took this picture, I charged it and it's still plugged in (and likely well charged) ten hours later. Ha! Next to it is my Costco list from earlier this week which I promptly recycled after I took this picture. Next to it are my coloured pens for my day planner. (Honest truth -- my day planner use has fallen off and it's been sitting on my desk, untouched for about three weeks. Gah.)

The next "row" starts with my chequebook and a pen solely used for writing cheques. Next to it are the kids' Jr Jays membership cards. After I took this picture I put them with the kids' stuff in my office. Then are my sunglasses and my Carmex. I've been wearing Carmex for twenty-five years. If I use it fairly regularly (five times a day), I don't get coldsores as badly.

Yes, I have two sets of keys. The ones with my U Georgia key chain (Hi Erika!), the picture of Rachel, my Tupperware, and the green bin are my personal ones. The boring yellow ones are my work keys.

I also usually have some Kleenex in my purse but I seem to have run out. I'll have to re-stock.

And after reading Emily's post I have to admit, I don't actually have any feminine products in my bag. I'm really not hiding them; I just never carry them. And then I'm running to the store at odd times. So after reading her post, I'm going to start carrying those as well, because that's a really smart idea!

So that's what is in my bag.

Do tell, what's the oddest thing you carry in your bag?


  1. Just out of curiosity - do you stock up on your Carmex when you travel to the US. I have not found it here in Canada and I brought back about 8 tubes of the lip balm when I was travelling last summer.

    1. Hi Laura -- I used to have to stock up when we went to The States but I've found it at Shopper's Drug Mart here in Canada. I don't know if they have the tubes there though. You should check.

  2. I really like the LL Bean bag. I thought about buying one a few months ago but I was able to find a similar one at Target....opps, did I mention Target? lol :)

  3. I just can't get past the old school credit card thing!!! HAAAA!!! I am having so many flashbacks to like...the ancient days of yore, like 1988 or something. I seriously did not know those things were still around or that they would create any sort of legal credit card transaction!!!

  4. I am SHOCKED that you do not carry feminine products around! Then again, with the amount of coworkers who have asked me for one, I guess it makes sense that's not something we all want hanging around.

    Also, LL Bean totes make great "swings' for toddlers if you have strong enough arms. :)

  5. I learned some interesting new "facts" about you here. Something we have in common...a tendency to get cold sores. Sigh. I have battled those since I was very young and would get some nasty ones after being sick. They haven't been as bad in later years, but I try to avoid really acid drinks like orange juice which can cause them. Carmex was my friend when I was younger, but if I actually get one now, I like Abreva for a quicker fix. It is pretty pricey though.


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