Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reading For The Weekend

This past weekend was the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. As you may remember, I participated fully in this readathon in April. Dave and I agreed that I wouldn't devote 24 hours to reading this time, but I did encourage Sam to read along with me. Sadly, he got more reading done than I did :) He read 5 books, including an e-book. I read one. And 60 pages of another one. Ha!
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen about a hundred pictures from the readathon (sorry) but here are a few more.
Above is how Sam and I spent most of the afternoon -- reading, sharing a blanket, and eating Oreos. Below is how Dave and Rachel spent about five minutes in the afternoon. Then they went to do errands.
I read for about four hours after the kids went to bed and then I went to bed too. We also went to a fundraising dinner for Haiti with Janice and the kids, watched the (very sad) Blue Jays game at their house, went to the police station to get criminal record checks for church (seriously!), and had a date on Sunday afternoon. We were super-exciting and spent time working on our New Zealand photobook.

On Friday night, we also hosted all of my mom's sisters for supper. That was fun. And we took a picture. And no, my mom wasn't there.
So this weekend was a much better weekend than last weekend. And I want to say thank you for all your amazing comments. I will be trying to respond to each of you individually but it might take me some time. Work is starting to get really crazy, the Jays are fighting for a spot in the World Series, and Sam is starting to bring home homework which we need to work on with him. After all "I" and "at" are really hard words to spell :)


  1. Oh wow! What a great weekend. I love the pictures of you with your aunts. You can sure tell they are related to your mom. =)

  2. That was so funny that Dave and Rachel read for five minutes...lol! :) Glad things are going well now....I've been worried about you.

  3. Love that picture with you and your aunts! What a blessing to have such a large family, and I loved seeing the pictures of the readathon.

  4. Awe, so glad you got to participate a little in the readathon. I really had hoped I could join you in one of these. Sigh. I am trying so hard to get some reading time in (and neglecting the blog in the process), but it is hard. I finally finished a book it took me forever to read. It was not a Kristin Hannah one and was a first novel which I must not have loved. It took place in Galveston, TX which is what drew me to it as an interesting place as well as having some issues with grieving the loss of a child which of course speaks to me, but I just never could get into it. I then read another Kristin Hannah book very quickly. It is called On Mystic Lake, and her books just always speak to me about life issues with handling grief and family issues. This one was particularly touching as the main character dealt with a failing marriage after suffering the loss of a baby and then after many years of infertility getting a "surprise" rainbow baby. It was very touching even though her marriage did end although she found love again with an old childhood friend who had lost his wife (her best friend). Anyway, it was another good read if you want to look for it. Wow, all of your mom's sisters look so much alike and a lot like her! :-)


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