Thursday, October 08, 2015

Week 16: Something I Regret Not Doing In The Past Year

So this is going to be the most boring post ever but I had a hard time thinking of something I regretted not doing in the past year.

The first one I thought of was "not saving some of Dave's vacation time for December." While I don't regret our amazing vacations this year (Hello Mexico in February! Hello Southern US Road Trip with our best friends and meeting blog friends in March!), I am already mourning the fact that not saving vacation time means we will likely be celebrating Christmas on our own.

My parents live three provinces away. And not small provinces either. It's a three day drive to get to their house. So it's not an easy matter for us to get together. And since Dave has no vacation time, and I don't want to spend Christmas without him, it means we're not flying to Saskatchewan for Christmas.

Mom and Dad are considering coming here but "Hello flying at Christmas." You practically need to be a millionaire to do it. So they are thinking of driving, but three days of driving in December is not the most pleasant prospect. This would all be easily solved if we had just saved some vacation time. Or you know, if Dave didn't have to work.

And then this past weekend our furnace stopped working. Someone came to check it on Monday and we had to replace a $125 switch because we were too... stupid? ignorant?... to change a $10 filter once every two months. Yeah, you should have to take a test to buy a house. If you don't know enough, the bank shouldn't support you by giving you a ton of money to get one.

So what I really regret not doing this past year is not reading home maintenance books and learning about furnaces (and all those other things that need to be maintained regularly when you own a house) sooner. Thank you Nice Furnace Guy for giving me a crash course on furnaces. I'll be stocking up on furnace filters and figuring out how to replace the humidifier pad. I do live in Canada after all and our furnace is our best friend in winter.

After all, it's hard to become a millionaire, and be able to afford to fly at Christmas, if you're replacing furnace parts all the time.


  1. Boo to the Christmas thing... hopefully it will work out and pleasantly surprise you :) And agreed on the homeownership- I think your mortgage company should be required to send you alerts any time routine maintenance needs to take place on your house, ha!

  2. Furnace filters?? I was supposed to change those?? Oops. Good thing we already sold that house! 😳😳

  3. Should I admit we've lived in our house 4 years and never changed a furnace filter? Should I also admit that I didn't know furnaces had filters????

  4. I'm sorry for your frustrations! Completely understand on the house thing. We are still learning SO much, even four years in. Maybe y'all can have a special, quiet Christmas, but I know it's so hard to miss your family.

  5. Bummer to all of the above, but I actually like being in my own home for Christmas. I just feel my kids deserve to wake up in their home on Christmas morning and make their own traditions. Hope your parents can come!

  6. Nice how you tied that all together at the end. :)


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