Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Three Strikes And You're Not Out

Honestly, our weekend was pretty quiet with moments of really good fun. Is it sad that I can't really remember what happened on Friday night?! I do know that supper took about an hour to bake, the kids were happy, and I read about half my book club book during that time. And, after a hard fought game, the Blue Jays lost the sixth, and deciding, game of the ALCS. I was both sad, and slightly relieved, that they lost. Sad because I really wanted them to win it all; relieved because now I have more time for other things. Ha!

On Saturday Dave and I got a bunch of stuff done around the house -- chores and such. It was a super-exciting day!

Sunday morning, Janice and I decided to have Sunday School at Starbucks. We do this once in awhile and it's a good time :) I had a Earl Grey Tea Latte, also known as a London Fog. I actually liked it so I may have to throw that into my regular rotation once in awhile.
On Sunday afternoon our care group went bowling. I don't know why we didn't get pictures of anyone else but it was a ton of fun! Except for the fact that my scores were not worth mentioning, even if I did get two strikes. After watching so much baseball, Sam and Rachel were fairly confused about the fact that strikes were a good thing in this sport. And when Sam was paying attention to me, every time I got a gutter ball he would announce, "Baaaalll one!" "Baaaalll two!" "Balll three and you're out!" (Sadly, I got three gutter balls in a row on a fairly regular basis.)
Sam did really well on his first time bowling without bumpers and Rachel ended up getting some lighter balls so she had pretty good games too. The rest of us played and laughed and had fun. And yesterday morning Dave and I were sorer than we wanted to admit after just two hours of bowling. I guess we're getting old. Ha!

The weekend ended with book club and Janice drove to my house and then we walked the rest of the way. It was about a forty minute walk so, even though I had been planning on walking on my own, I was really glad Janice decided to join me.

We read This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper which is a good book. However, if you decide to read it, be warned that the language is quite explicit. After discussing the book we decided that we want to get together and watch the movie.

And that was pretty much our weekend -- bowling, Blue Jays, and book club.


  1. Our weekends were quite similar! I also went bowling on Sunday (and got many, many gutter balls in a row. As my friend kindly pointed out..."Erika, you have so many other talents!!" haha) and had book club (The Royal We)! Sub in "watching football" for your baseball listening, and we are basically twins!

  2. Haha I had the same reaction to the jays winning. Terribly upset but I also said "now I can have my life back!" It was time consuming!

    1. I know more than a few people who felt this way. Mixed emotions for sure.

  3. I have a friend at work who always gets the London Fog. I'm going to have to give it a try!

  4. Sounds like a really fun weekend. Ugh, bowling is not my sport, but Evan and Eddie both seem to be good at it. Eddie used to bowl in a league and was quite good. Of course, he isn't as good as he used to be, but he still tries to use his "fancy" techniques. Haha!


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