Thursday, October 01, 2015

Week 14: My Relationship To Food

I am catching up on some writing challenges I've missed in the past weeks. Last week's topic was "relationship to food."

Yum, veggies! And fresh fruit.
I have to admit, I am not big on food. I often eat because I have to, not because I want to. It's not that I'm trying to lose weight or anything, it's just that most of the time I don't care that much about it. Especially breakfasts.

This causes problems between Dave and I because often, for our date nights, he wants to go out for a nice meal and I'm all like, "It's not worth it to me." I don't want to pay money for a meal that won't be all that exciting to me. I don't eat that much at any one time, and all-you-can eat buffets are pretty much wasted on me. And multi-course dinners are also a bust after the soup and salad courses are over.
Kale chips-- veggies and salt. Delicious!
I think part of the problem is that when I overeat I get nauseous. And if I eat too early in the morning I also get nauseous. (And "morning" is defined as eating anytime before I've been up for about two hours, no matter what time I wake up.) If I eat too much for supper, I absolutely cannot eat dessert.

Also, I am a vegetarian (who eats fish, seafood, and farmer's sausage!) and have been for fifteen and a half years. Even as a kid, I never ate much meat and would often choose salad over the main course. And my mom says that even as a baby I was a snacker. And I still much prefer to snack than eat a whole meal.

Left: Salad with flowers is like the best of both worlds.
Right: Even at the food court, I often just get a big salad. 

That said, there are certain foods I could eat all day, every day, and not get sick of them. Pizza. I could eat pizza for the rest of my life and be pretty satisfied with it. The same goes for soup. And cheese. But not all those fancy ones -- just cheddar, with a little feta thrown in for some variety.
Panera Bread French Onion Soup
I prefer salty over sweet -- except for chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. I prefer salad over dessert and main courses. Appetizers are perfect for me as long as you don't expect me to eat a full meal afterwards. I also prefer carbs -- especially white flour ones :)
Left: Seven layer dip to eat with nachos. Right: White buns!

The ironic thing, is that I don't really try to be healthy. There are many people out there who eat a much healthier diet than I do. (Maybe you're reading this and thinking that I'm not all that healthy -- that's okay!) I just much prefer fruit and veggies over almost anything else.

I am weird when it comes to food and I fully admit that :)

And of course when it comes to drinks, I am trying to drink more water (it's a constant battle), but honestly, much more often, I'm reaching for these:
Coffee-hot chocolate and Coke

So I don't know if I've succeeded in describing my relationship to food here. Like with many of us, it's complicated.

How would you write about this topic? I'm curious...


  1. Yeah... I can't relate to you at all here, I'm sorry to say, ha!

  2. Very interesting!! I wish that I was the same way.

  3. (Sorry if I'm posting twice, my laptop crashed) You and I are completely opposite in every way possible related to food; kind of funny!

  4. SO complicated but much more of a struggle for me than you. (I would spend almost all my extra income on food, even if it was healthy--ha.) This was so interesting to learn--thank you for sharing!

  5. I think you are actually a healthier eater than most, and I love all the veggies and fruit you eat. With a husband who will eat no veggies, I envy your ability to have a mostly veggie diet. I think I could drop meat, but I eat it because I am the opposite and get weak if I have not had enough iron. While I know I could get that from green leafy veggies, I just don't feel I would get enough to keep my borderline anemia at bay. Also, I have to eat in the morning because I get weak and sick if I don't so we are opposite there too. Besides that, I could definitely enjoy eating a meal with you in your style. Your affinity for coke always makes me laugh a little. You are like their biggest fan! Probably about as big of a fan as I am of sweet tea. That is my arch nemesis in the food and drink categories that is probably keeping me from being healthier. Sigh.


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