Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Frolicking

I was going to post Week 17 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge, because I know you're all holding your breath waiting to hear about who broke my heart. However, because I need pictures scanned for the post, and Dave had a busy day at work, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that literary masterpiece. And because it includes scanned pictures, you know it's going to be awesome. Ha! Today I'm writing about Thanksgiving, which was last Monday.

Thanksgiving Day was a gorgeous fall day this year. It was windy but sunny. So we decided to print off another walking tour from our library, pick up some Starbucks, and head out. Sam decided he'd rather have a milkshake which turned out to be a mistake as, later in the day, he threw it up all over the Chariot and put a quick end to our afternoon.
One of the first stops on our tour was actually an amazing old house where I lived for eight months. I think my room was the peak you see on the left, but I can't really remember.
But then we ran into some awesome fall leaves and took a tour break.
Rachel attempted to make some leaf angels.
And then Dave and I traded places.
I'm glad the kids like "throw leaves on Daddy" better than they like "throw leaves on Mommy!"
Then we continued on with our tour. We seriously considered buying the B&B on the right. If seriously considered means "I tried to convince Dave it would be a good idea for at least a minute." After all it's a bargain at a little less than two million dollars.
We then continued our tour with a few more stops until, as previously mentioned, Sam threw up in the Chariot. We cleaned up as best as we could and headed home. We then spent the rest of the day listening to the Blue Jays (win!!!) on the radio, eating frozen pizza, and hanging out in the playroom and the basement.
Gorgeous fall days like this almost make our winters worth it. Almost.


  1. I love that you stopped to play in someone else's leaves! haha. I'm just imagining looking out my front window and seeing that.... and then I'd probably run out and join! Fall leaves are the best. And you're right... it almost makes it worth suffering through winter. Almost.

    1. They were mostly on the sidewalk so I didn't think of them being someone else's until you mentioned it. And then I was self-conscious :) Hopefully they weren't home...

  2. Those pictures in the leaves are awesome!

  3. These walking tours seem like a lot of fun. :)

  4. Great leaves pictures! We need to find someone else's yard to take some leaf pile jumping pictures in this year because our yard has only a few scrawny maple trees that are barely even alive because of poor planting and pruning. Sigh. We left a yard with too many trees for a yard with hardly any trees. Crazy, huh?


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