Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You Can Never Have Too Many Flowers

After our picnic and adventure at the gardens, we headed to the regional police headquarters. They were having an open house and we thought it might be fun to check it out. First we visited the Emergency Medical Services display, and this time, I got the ride in the ambulance where I received expert care!
Then we ran into some of the cutest police officers ever :)
Then Sam and Rachel checked out another police vehicle.
After that we decided that there were too many people and we had other fun things we wanted to get to, so we headed out. However, first we were drawn in by the music of Disorderly Conduct so we hung out and danced for awhile. (And we got to check another thing off of Erika's list  (attend an outdoor concert) of how to have a really fun summer!)
It was actually quite funny because at one point the lead singer said, "Dave Chodos, is that you?!?" and it turned out that it was Dave's teacher from an enrichment program he went to for one day a week when he was in Grade 4.

Then we headed off to one of my favourite nurseries (really, they're all my favourites!!!) and I bought annuals! About eighty of them to be exact. And Sam and Rachel are totally my children because they wanted to pull the cart and pick out flowers. Which would have been stressful actually, but Dave managed the kids and their cart wars and I just shopped. It was perfect! Ha!
Then we stopped at the gym so Dave could quit, and then we celebrated that accomplishment by eating ice cream! Ha ha ha!
We were going to go to Kidsplash at the pool on Saturday night but I fell asleep on the couch for an hour so we changed our plans and stayed home.

And that was our "lovely Saturday." However, Sunday and all its amazingness was still waiting to happen.


  1. Wooo good job on all those annuals!! Also, it seems like you crossed more things off of my list in one weekend than I did all of last summer- way to go!! :)

  2. I love how you and Dave each have two cones in these pictures! Although I'm guessing you're holding each others, which isn't nearly as fun. Ha!

  3. I love that Dave was called out. =) Did he turn red? I also love that you all celebrate quitting the gym with ice cream. lol.

  4. Lots of colorful flowers and ice cream and staying in for the night = really great Saturday! :-)


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