Friday, May 23, 2014

Down By The Station, Early In The Morning

Yesterday was the annual preschool train trip. As with last year, Dave took the day off work to join us. We also kept Sam out of school for the morning so he could come too. I was so excited that we got seats with some friends of ours. Sam and the girl were in the same class last year and Rachel and the boy are in preschool together this year. They will also be in the same class next year. They were all so cute together :)
And for some reason whenever the boy hugs Rachel, she is unimpressed and squirms away but she totally soaks it up when the girl does. Ha! See what I mean!?!?!
Most of this trip is just riding on the train, but we did get to get out for a few minutes in the middle. It was fun to explore.
Sam was not feeling cooperative for a family picture! Oh well.
Sam was cracking me up while I was trying to take this picture! Crazy child.

After our brief stop we got back on the train. The purpose of this train is to enjoy the scenery and so it moves quite slowly. We all agreed that the trip was about ten minutes too long (especially since there were about ninety of us from the preschool in the train car) but we all enjoyed it anyway and are already looking forward to next year's trip!


  1. What a fun trip! I'm glad that Sam got to come along. He's so funny!

  2. So cute! Are you growing out your hair? It looks longer in the one picture.

  3. Brody would be so jealous of this trip! You know he is infatuated with trains! Hopefully, he will get to ride one soon! :-) Glad you all enjoyed the ride.


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