Friday, May 30, 2014

"Oh Yeah, I Got About It!"

This is basically going to be the most random post ever, featuring Rachel and our yard. The post title is something really cute (and annoying) Rachel has been saying lately. "Got" in this case means "forgot" and it comes out of her mouth fairly often these days. "Rachel, you need to hold hands in parking lots." "Oh yeah, I got about it, Mommy!" "Rachel you need to eat more supper before you get dessert." "Oh yeah, I got about it!" And on and on...

Anyway, I guess you could say "I got about blogging" but the truth of the matter is, I just don't have that much to write about these days. However, having said that I will now blab on for a little longer. Sorry :)

One of the things I wanted to do in our yard was have better definition between the grass and the tree in our front yard. On Monday, I dug out a circle of the grass and then planted a bunch of different hostas underneath it. I hope it looks pretty, but even if it doesn't, it makes me happy :)
Also, my parents, who I get most of my gardening advice from, told me that trees grow better when they have a circle of dirt around them. Something about not having to share water. Of course, planting the hostas probably just adds to the "water sharing issue."
After a long, cold winter, I am so excited that it's finally been warm enough to a) wear tank tops, b) go barefoot, and c) eat freezies on our back steps. Whooo hoo!!!
As a part of my Project 364 a few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my peonies about to bloom. Here they are when they actually bloomed. And you can see the bleeding heart in the background on the left. That was totally (not!) planned :)
Words cannot express how much I love variegated (multi-coloured) flowers. I took about a million pictures of my Sweet William the other day, so aren't you glad I only shared three with you?!?!?
Yesterday I had to go to a garden centre and get "just a few more" plants. "A few" turned out to be twenty-five but eight of those are Rachel's fault! She latched onto these red petunias and wouldn't let them go. (Her mother's daughter, possibly???) So I bought some white ones to go with them and I will be planting a red and white patriotic planter with her.

Anyway, Rachel was wanting to pull the wagon and I was letting her. I found her method of stopping the cart completely hilarious! She would yell, "Stop! Stop!" and drop the handle. When we were on level ground it worked well enough. And of course, she wouldn't let me help her at all. Well, unfortunately, on a slight hill, she decided the wagon had too much momentum and then her method of "stopping" the wagon turned into her getting run over by the wagon and crashing. I tried really hard to comfort her, but I have to admit, I was also laughing at her. I know, sign me up for Mother Of The Year, but if you had been there I bet you would have been laughing too!

And thus ends the random thoughts from my brain this Friday. The sun is shining and it's time to head outside. I've got laundry to hang, flowers to plant, and my awesome birthday party this weekend to get ready for. Basically, it's going to be a great day! Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. Rachel is just way too cute! Love it! I'm so glad that ya'll are finally getting some beautiful weather. I need you to come show me some tricks of the gardening trade. My yard is really lacking.

  2. I think the hostas look great underneath the tree!! And I would have cracked up laughing at Rachel being run down by the wagon. Ha!

  3. I'm going to go buy some flowers next week to fill up a hole in our yard where a tree used to be. I'll be sure to post some pictures.

  4. Yep, your parents' tips seem to be legit. We have way too many trees in our yard which seem to steal all the water from our grass in the summer. We will have very lovely grass in our back yard all Spring until mid-June and then once all our trees are full of leaves (we have a bunch of crepe myrtles back there that get leaves late after they lose their blooms), the grass beneath the trees disappears. Ugh. It is so frustrating, and we have just about given up unless or until some of those trees come down. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Haha! And oh that Rachel is so funny...reminds me a lot of Brody. Silly kids! :-)


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