Monday, May 12, 2014

The Key To A Perfect Weekend: A Story In Many Parts

So as opposed to last weekend when I was sad about my birthday not being celebrated in the way I thought it should be, this past weekend was about as perfect as you could ask for. On Saturday night, we were sitting on the couch, being thankful, and Rachel said, "I'm thankful for a lovely day!" which is a pretty hilarious thing to hear from a not-quite three-year-old, but the thing is, she was spot on. Saturday really was a lovely day. And when I checked out my Sum-Sum-Summertime Pinterest board, and looked at the Summer Bucket list my friend Erika made with her friend last summer, I saw that we had done seven of the things in one weekend and that is why it was so awesome! So if you want the ingredients for a perfect weekend, go check out that list.

Friday night started with a women's night for me in which I ate cupcakes, drank a Starbucks, and gave myself a Spring pedicure. (Check that off the list!)

Saturday morning Rachel woke up at 6:45am and Dave dragged her downstairs and let me sleep until 8. Yay! Then we did some early Mother's Day celebrating. A few weeks ago, my friend posted this on Facebook and I said to Dave, "Do this!" Cards are so expensive and something like this will be a keepsake. Plus, that bracelet Sam made for me from the top of a paper bag is awesome :)
Then Sam practiced taking pictures of Rachel with our DSLR. (Check that off the list!) I think he doesn't need anymore practice. What say you???
On Friday, I noticed the house three doors down from us was setting up a garage sale so on Saturday we went to check it out. (Yep, that's on the list too!) We found an awesome deal on these blocks which we will be using to help us set up our rain barrel.
Then we headed to one of our local farmers markets. (Yep, that's another list item.) We went to their Mother's Day Tea and bought some food for our picnic in the park.
Dave thought many of my readers would enjoy this view of the market with the Southern Pride Poultry sign featured prominently.
And those were the first steps we took towards having a perfect weekend. Tune in tomorrow for more...


  1. I love everything about this post and how lovely your weekend sounds, but what I really love most is how lovely you look in these pictures. I think you went a few posts with no pictures of yourself, but these gems definitely make up for it. I am having serious hair envy over yours and Rachel's hair in these pictures. I mean both of you just seem to have the soft waves framing your face styles going on. This may even call for a replacement "welcome to the blog" picture. ;-)

  2. Looks like a great first half to me! And the weather was GREAT! For the first time I believe that summer is actually on its way!

    1. I know! It was such awesome weather. You will see that we spent A LOT of time outside!!!

  3. How fun! Sam is a good photographer. :)

  4. That does sound like a great weekend! I love that Dave wanted to take a picture for us. =) We haven't been to a Farmer's Market before. I think we will have to go soon.


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