Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Dave and I kind of met because we lived at the same Mennonite residence on our university campus. I say "kind of" because we didn't live there at the same time and we actually met through a mutual group of friends, all of whom had lived at this residence. Anyways, that's not the point of my story.

The point of my story is that this residence is not only where people can live, but it's also a smaller college of the bigger secular university. It's confusing, I know. However, this year the place is celebrating its 50th anniversary and so last night we went to an alumni event.

And after supper I took the kids up to show them some of the rooms I had lived in. In this picture I am pointing out where I signed my initials on the bulletin board in 1991!!! I had just finished my first year of university, living in this room. Craziness. And yes, I'm old :)

It was so surreal to be back in the place where I lived (in different rooms) throughout my entire University career.
After the tour, the kids were playing on the beach volleyball court and I was practicing my photography skills. Rachel was my unknowing subject. Looking at these pictures makes me so excited for our week at the beach this summer. Yesterday was the first (almost) hot, slightly humid day of the year and I just can't wait for more weather like this.
Also, can anyone explain to me why, of her entire face, Rachel just had sand on her eyebrows???


  1. Hahaha sand in her eyebrows. That takes special skill!!

  2. Rachel is so pretty! I'm glad that you all enjoyed such a nice evening together

  3. I love that little walk down memory lane to your college years. I enjoyed taking our boys to our college campuses last year, but I really wish I could have toured my old campus a little more. Of course, since it is an all women's college, the chance that either of my boys will ever attend is probably a very small one. Haha! And the sand in the eyebrows is just another mystery of childhood that we will likely never understand. I was baffled by why Brody poured sand right on top of his head this weekend. I mean, what is the fun in that? Haha!


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