Friday, May 09, 2014

It's Time For A Kitchen Party

So earlier this week I promised the return of the tour of our "new" house. On Wednesday night, when I went to bed at 8pm, Dave stayed up late and washed, dried, and put away all the dishes. So yesterday morning when I walked into the kitchen it looked AMAZING!!! No dishes anywhere. So I had to take pictures to show you all.
This is looking into our kitchen from the office.
This is all the counter space we have. It is usually filled with dirty or drying dishes. Or both. This is also all the cupboard space we have. The other thing about our counter is that it is really short. However, thankfully, I'm so used to it by now I don't even notice it.
We have no range hood and our stove is in front of a window. It's a bit weird but we haven't figured out a better layout yet. On our fridge are all the family cards we received in December. They stay on our fridge all year round so we can remember our friends. At least we can remember the friends who gave us photo cards :)
In between the stove and the counter is our milkbox mailbox! I know we need to change it to help conserve heat in the winter but I love it and can't bear to board it up. You can also see our framed colourful food (and dishes!) photos.
This is my and Dave's favourite corner of the kitchen for different reasons. Dave loves our pot holder, which the previous owners left for us. Dave wanted me to add, "It is a vast improvement over constantly fighting with various pots and lids in the back corner of a cupboard. Also it's a fantastic use of vertical space." And while I love hanging out laundry, Dave loves hanging Ziploc bags to dry from the pot holder! To each their own, I guess :) I love that long narrow cupboard in the wall because... holds some of my mugs and a lot of my tea! Words cannot describe how much I LOVE and ADORE my tea cupboard!!! So come on over and I will make you a cup of tea.

And you might remember that this was one of the rooms we painted before we moved in. I am happy to say that eight months later I am still loving this colour! Choosing paint colours always feels like a bit of a gamble so I'm glad I can say that!


  1. I love the color of your kitchen! It's so friendly and inviting! I think we have the same amount of counter space as you all. You're right, you do get used to it, but there are days we wish we have more. I love that you have a cupboard just for tea. That's perfect for you!

  2. Awww, I love this little kitchen! I know it doesn't have a lot of counter space or a dishwasher or enough cabinet space, but it has so much charm and character. It reminds me of the first house Eddie and I rented after we got married. We loved that little house! I love that my picture is on your fridge too! ;-) And yes, that tea cupboard had your name written all over it.

    P.S - I am racking my brain to figure out what to do for you. I just can never seem to come up with anything. Sigh. I want to ship flowers, southern sweet tea, Cheerwine (the soda made here in Charlotte), my favorite barbecue (except you don't eat meat so maybe that would be for Dave), and tons of other stuff that would likely be impossible to ship. Sigh. I loved my card in the mail and the sweet Hobbitville magnet which has a place of honor on our fridge. Evan would really like to go to Hobbitville now since I showed him your pictures. :-)

  3. I love the pot holder and tea cabinet, too!! Especially since the tea cabinet is right next to the microwave...such perfect placement!! (Assuming you microwave your tea water...which I that totally uncouth of me??!)

  4. Ah, the wonders of a surprisingly clean kitchen. :) Your tea cabinet is awesome!!

  5. I love your tea cupboard too! It's just such a perfect use of space.


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