Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Picnics, Pictures, And Picking Flowers

One of the things I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday was to have a picnic at our city's gardens. Since the weather was supposed to cooperate on Saturday, after the farmers market we headed that way.  (Having a picnic is also on Erika's list.) Unfortunately it was a little windy so although we were wearing our Spring/Summer clothes, we also needed jackets.
We stopped at the Bread Baron at the market and Dave ordered their Bacon-Tater sandwich (bacon, sweet potato slaw and maple BBQ sauce) while I got the Flavour Of The Leek sandwich (poached leeks and garlic scape sheep's cheese). They were delicious. After lunch both Dave and I took the opportunity to take some pictures. (More practicing of our DSLR photography. Yep, it's still on the list! And I think Dave and I need more practice than Sam does. Ha!)

Sam and Rachel took the opportunity to run around and pick dandelions.
And then we were headed off to the next adventure of the day!

And I totally want to bike back to these gardens in a couple of weeks (or maybe next weekend) when all the tulips are in bloom. The tulips were just starting and I'd love to see it then. And then we could have another picnic too! It's a win-win situation.


  1. Those sandwiches sound amazing!!! I mean, not as good as your tuna noodle casserole, obviously, but still pretty great! :)

  2. It is amazing to me how your area can go from having mountains of snow piled everywhere to everything being so green and lovely in just a few short weeks. These pictures are just lovely...I would say even as pretty as your pictures from New Zealand. What I have discovered about my DSLR camera skills is that my skills seem to decrease the longer I use my camera. Sigh. I think I am just backwards like that. Haha! I think it is that I usually have less time and patience to devote to trying to get the perfect picture. Your skills definitely seem to be improving though! :-)

  3. I knew from the title alone, it was going to be a great post! I love picnic weather...did you ever think, during all those winter posts, that a day like this would come again!?!!?

    1. Some days I really didn't. It seemed like we were just going to have cold and snow and winter FOREVER!!! I'm so glad we don't though!

  4. Picnics are so much fun! The flowers are all so gorgeous!


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