Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time For Tea

Yesterday afternoon we had the most fun time. Donny and Marika were in town, Dave's parents had the kids, and we went out to Stratford for an Afternoon Tea. I had wanted to go out for tea for my birthday and we had trouble finding a babysitter around that time so we decided to go later. I don't mind having my birthday stretched out over a few weeks :) The place we went to, Harry Ten Shilling, had these great quotes all over the walls and I loved the wisdom in the one pictured above. I find that to be so true.
We took a bunch of pictures of us before, during and after the tea. Unfortunately we didn't think to get pictures of us before we'd eaten all the sandwiches and scones. Ooops.
I really liked the little teabag holders and Donny and Marika bought me one for my birthday. I'm so excited to use it. They're really pretty. I also loved how the table was all set with mismatched china. It makes me want to go to thrift stores and garage sales and start a mismatched china collection of my own. I just know Dave would be thrilled :)
And you have to check out the tower of food which came with this tea. There were tomato and cucumber sandwiches (my favourite!), cheese and chutney sandwiches (Dave's favourite), black current scones and cranberry and orange scones and a bunch of assorted sweets. Including my favourite creme brulee. I had Baroness Grey tea and I just found this description online: "Excellent Earl Grey notes accented with piquant lemon. Lively and full flavoured lemon peel, rose and cornflower petals add citrus and floral notes." (from here.) I mean how could you not want to drink a tea with this description?!?! This tea time just hit all the high points of things I love!
Sadly this picture is blurry but I had to include it. Yummy tea with good friends and a cranberry and orange scone with whipped cream and jam make me sooooo happy! I just love an afternoon teatime and this one was perfect.


  1. What fun! I'm the same way- I love stretching a birthday out over weeks. Makes the fun last! Those sweets and sandwiches all sound delicious! I've never been to any sort of proper tea like that, but you make it sound fun!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a lot of fun and we have another proper tea scheduled for later this summer. I can't wait!!!

  3. I wish we had more tea places like this. All the ladies in the family took my niece to a little tea house at the beach for her birthday one year, and it reminded me of this place (mismatched china and all). They had the yummiest assortment of teas, sandwiches, scones, etc. That is my kind of eating, but I guess afternoon tea just isn't as popular down here as it used to be in the old days. :-)


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