Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Safe To Visit

So I posted the above picture, along with a handful of others, earlier today and all the comments were about the stickers. Apparently all those stickers on the door would have driven all of you nuts and you would never have come to visit me if you were nearby. So, after procrastinating all afternoon by gardening and responding to blog comments, I decided to get down to work. Twenty minutes, a lot of glass cleaner and nine paper towels later and the door now looks like this:
All of you people who would have avoided our house due to sticker overload on the front door can now come and visit. Amazing what a little blogging peer pressure can do. Now I'm just debating what overdue house project to show you all next...

Oh, and Dave being Dave didn't notice that the door was cleaned off when he got home. Once I pointed it out to him, however, he was very grateful that you all had (accidentally) coerced me into cleaning it. So a big "Thank you" to you from Dave.


  1. Nice work! Whenever we go to my in-laws' house, we always use my sister-in-law's old bathroom, and the mirror is covered in old stickers (though thankfully only along the edges so you can still actually see yourself)... takes everything in me not to peel them off when I'm there! I'm guessing it would take a lot of elbow grease, given some of them have probably been there for 15-20 years.

  2. Oh thank you. I was so afraid I'd have to stop visiting the blog!! (JUST KIDDING!!!) I should have sent Ryan over. He's handy with window washing. :)

    1. NOW you tell me you would have sent Ryan over... I would have kept him supplied with coffee while he worked and you and I could have visited. Next time, for sure!


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