Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things That Grow In My Garden

It's time for another episode of "Things That Grow In My Garden." To be fair, I took all these pictures last night which is a good thing because it's raining this morning. Despite a few days of either being covered up, or hiding out in the basement, (yes, we had a risk of FROST this past weekend -- I am sooooo done with that now.), I think things are looking really good this week.
I had to put a big old dahlia in the midst of my one planter because the squirrels dug out too many plants. Also I am waiting for dryer and warmer weather to plant the package of impatiens with Sam. I just don't want more things to cover if it's going to freeze again and I don't want to get too muddy while planting them. I decided Sam needed his own flowers to plant and dig holes for without me getting all impatient so these are going to be just for him.
The squirels also ate all the coleus, except for one, out of the planter on the left but I had so many plants in there that you can't even tell. And my petunias, which I couldn't remember the colours of, bloomed. The pot on the right was the extra hanging basket I had. After scouring stores for a non-permanent way to hang it from our upper porch, I decided just to take the hanger off and it's sitting on our porch.
The verbena are starting to bloom in this one. This planter also lost a plant or two to squirrels. I'm hoping the other plants will fill in the gaps soon.
I LOVE this planter which sits on our table. (And stay tuned for an exciting table post coming tomorrow!) I just love the dark and light petunia contrast. Although if I'd know which colour was which I would have mixed them up a bit more rather than having a light half and a dark half. Ooops.
This is the planter which sits on our BBQ patio. I forgot to either cover it or take it in this past weekend but it seems to have survived. Thankfully.
The ajuga is blooming this year and it's really pretty. You can see patches of colour in and among the ajuga.
The snapdragons and gomphrena are about to burst into bloom. I think next time you will get a true sense of them. Since last time the hostas have gone crazy and are just so big.
Speaking of big hostas, a couple of my Sweet William are going to get lost underneath their leaves. They aren't getting enough sun and they're a little puny. Oops.
I am loving my portulaca hanging basket, which is right outside our kitchen window, but it's hard to get a good picture of it. It's doing beautifully though, but it isn't quite as showy from outside as the petunias were last year.
Finally, we have the upstairs porch planters. The petunias in the watering can are doing well, although not blooming yet. The other basket has been decimated by the squirrels and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. Boo hisss booooooo to the squirrels. Someone told me cayenne pepper was a deterrent so I really need to look into that. Also, the maple keys have just been covering everything this year, along with some of the littler branches so everything looks just a little bit messy all the time. Hopefully by next time that stage of spring will be over and things will look a bit neater. But I think things are looking pretty good so far (except for the squirrel damage) which makes me really happy.


  1. Looks fabulous!! And I like that you'll be getting some IMPATIENS for your IMPATIENT son!! ;) Love your hostas...I kind of want to get some of those! Such a pretty greenery!

  2. Today I just cut off the strings (although they are made out of metal...so not really strings...) of my hanging baskets and just set them on the ground. They were shading my 10 green bean plants that needed full sun. That was just a fun-filled comment, wasn't it? :)

    1. Amy -- your comments always make me laugh!!! :) Hopefully your beans are happier now. Sam's from preschool didn't even make it to the sprouting stage -- it just rotted in our windowsill -- so I'm impressed you've kept ten alive.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I don't really do much to it. Especially this year since, thus far, we've had the perfect mix of sun and water.


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