Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Adding Up April

So, as has been my habit this year, I am rating the month of April. This rating of my months has been good for me because the good months seem even better :) So what did April hold for me???

We had a good visit with my parents +7
Our spring was pretty delayed -8
Janice and I got a pedicure +5
I visited Vanessa at her university +5
I was nominated for my first ever blog award (twice!) +4
I had a really good visit with a friend on one of the first amazing Spring days this year +2
Dave and I didn't have a single date this month -5
We had a great potluck at church +3
I got to celebrate Alissa's ordination with her +5
I only went to the gym once in April -3
We made Pinterest-inspired Earth Day Cupcakes +3
Sam crawled into our bed about two out of every three nights at 4am -7

So April you only ended up with a score of +11 which is better than failing but isn't all that great. My months seem to be alternating between really good and just so-so which means that May should score pretty well! We shall see...


  1. I like how the trip to the gym and the cupcakes cancel each other out!! :) Hoping for better things in May for you!!

  2. BRING ON A GOOD MAY!! And that's funny about the gym and the cupcakes....

    1. So far May has been pretty good. Having my birthday in there will do that! And yeah, I hadn't even noticed about the gym and cupcakes until Erika pointed it out :)

  3. Here's to an awesome May!!!!

    1. Thanks! May has been pretty good thus far. And it looks to continue the upward trend.


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