Thursday, May 30, 2013

All Abooooaaarrrddd!!!

Today Sam's preschool took a trip aboard the Waterloo Central Railway out to St Jacob's. Everyone was invited to climb aboard so Dave took half a vacation day and joined us. This is something we have been meaning to do as a family, so it was nice that it was all figured out for us!
Sam has been looking forward to today for weeks! Every day he asks, "Is this the train day with preschool?" and finally today we were able to say, "YES!!!"
Rachel was excited too and spent most of the time either sitting on her own in her seat, waving her ticket around, sticking her head out the window and walking up and down the aisles!
Sam was excited to hang out with his good friend from preschool but was concerned about the noise of the train. It actually wasn't loud at all, except for the whistle blowing to announce we were crossing streets.
Sam enjoying his snack and Sam and Rachel checking out the scenery. This railway is a historic railway so it moved quite slowly and the train had no air conditioning. It was very hot and we all looked forward to the slight breeze which would come along once in awhile.
We even got to cross a river which was really pretty.
Rachel was in a silly mood for pictures so I joined her!
We got to get off the train for about ten minutes at the final stop, before we boarded again for our return journey. Sam was interested in the car with its hood up...
...while I wanted some pictures of the train sheds.
After getting a family picture it was time to get back on the train. We had a really fun morning and I'm glad we got to experience this railway!


  1. So fun! Can't wait to take Davis on a "real" train one day!

  2. Yeah, I'd probably get pretty enthused about a real train myself!!


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