Thursday, May 23, 2013


I think one of my favourite things about blogging (okay, besides keeping a record of our daily life, meeting other bloggers through their blogs and knowing I'm not the only one out there who has a passion for flowers, doesn't really like playing with her kids and pins a lot of stuff on Pinterest she'll never do -- okay, really everything about blogging is my favourite!) is your comments. I love reading them and responding to them and the conversations that happen around them. But I need to make some changes.

Here are some comments I've received lately:

"Woah! I'm really loving the theme of this site. It's simple, yet effective."

"Lucky me! I discovered your website by accident. I have saved as a favorite for later."

"Hello. I enjoyed reading all of your posts. I wanted to leave a comment to support you."

"You're a very professional blogger. I've joined your rss feed."

"Hello there! This post couldn't have been written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old roommate and I will forward it to him."

And while normally comments like this would make my heart sing, you probably recognize that these are all actually from people who really have an ulterior motive. And it's not to tell how Wonderful! Interesting! Relevant! my blog is. They want me to check out their websites about watches, handbags or things like that.

I took word verification off my blog when I was doing the SUYL series through Kelly's Korner last summer. One person commented on Kelly's blog that when you are looking at 100 blog posts in a day and want to leave comments, the word verification is really annoying. Which it is. So I took it off our blog. But I've noticed lately that the spam comments are driving me nuts. And a lot of bloggers have turned word verification back on. And I'm sorry to inform you that I have now joined those ranks.

Also, last summer, when reading the archives of my blog friend, Erika, I found this post about commenting. And her new dress. But the commenting part (at the end) is what I want to draw your attention to. I love responding to your comments and those of you who don't have an e-mail address linked to your profile get a response from me in the comments using the "reply" option. Which is fine.

However, Blogger is annoying. Currently people who use an iPad can't leave a comment unless I turn the "reply" option off. And I would like to do that for awhile. So in the next week or so, I will change the way comments appear on posts and I won't be able to reply to you through the post. So please, please, please, link your e-mail address (I have one I use for personal e-mail which I never give out online and one which I use for online things like blogging, Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, etc) to your Blogger profile. This way I can comment on your comments and, since I've started writing this post I've decided that my absolute favourite thing about blogging is our conversations through the comments. At least, for right now!


  1. I used to have my commenting set up so people couldn't comment anonymously, after I'd gotten some rude anonymous comments. I figure if you're going to be rude, at least own up to it. But then I let that part back in to blogging so some of my non-login-bearing family members could comment and this time around, people have been nice. However, thanks to your tips, I'm going to go check this email thing out!! :)

    1. I have comment moderation on so I see all the comments before they get posted. Thankfully no one has ever been rude and, all the people, who comment anonymously, I know in real life. Even the ones where it seems like they are "spam." A few family members have given me their aliases they use to comment on the blog!

      I think the main things which annoy me about commenting are mostly about how and what Blogger will let people do. So as I said above, if I have it set so I can reply to individual comments, then people with iPads can't comment at all. So irritating :(

  2. Thanks for the heads up!!!

    1. You're welcome :) I've just discovered, as I've gotten more comments, that I really like replying to them through e-mail.

  3. I love how polite the spam comments are! They allllmost can trick you into thinking they're real! ;) In the last few weeks the word verification has gotten easier again (or maybe I got smarter?), so that helps. I just have to leave mine on or the spam kills me like...instantaneously.

  4. I've gone back and forth on the comments, too. I'm among those who hate word verification (mostly because it takes me three or four tries to get it right!), so that's why I have the comment approval. But I, too, get tons of spam.
    And, for now, I reply on the post, but I've questioned that as well.
    I'm hoping to make the move to Wordpress this summer, so all of this will probably be an ongoing issue. :P

  5. Sigh. I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately too...just seems like it really started getting crazy in the last few weeks. I haven't turned word verification back on yet but may have to do so soon. I love your comments back to me! Makes it feel like getting email from real life friends although I sometimes think I care about you and special blog friends more. :-)

  6. So can you explain to me how all these comment id things work? I always pick "name/URL" on your blog. But I'm also usually signed into my gmail account. But do I need a blogger-type account? I just tried commenting on someone else's blog and I think I messed it up. It said it would ask me to sign in after but then it didn't. So confused.

  7. So the blog trail led me from you to Erika to this site below. She mentions Windows Live writer and I wanted to share since I remember you having photo uploading pains.

    Also, can you see my email now?

  8. Blogger has been the WORST at filtering spam comments lately. I'm not sure what happened, but I don't remember it being nearly as bad a year or two ago. Although it has seemed to have gotten better in the past few days, so I guess we'll see...


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