Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things That Grow In My Garden: 2013 Edition

So last week I told you about planting 144 annuals over the weekend and I promised that I would bring back "Things That Grow In My Garden." Last year I photographed my pots and planters every other Tuesday and shared their growth with you. I was super-excited about it. After all, these flowers are my other babies. I was going to take some pictures and share them with you on Tuesday but then we had awful weather for a few days and I was sick so instead I took them yesterday. Since most of them have only been growing for less than two weeks, in crazy up-and-down weather, I am not doing close-ups of all of them. They're not that exciting. Yet!

Our front porch has seven different planters if you include the hydrangeas, which I do. Hopefully I can keep them alive all summer and then plant them in our FOREVER yard! Whooo hoooo!!! The pansies I bought already in bloom at the end of April. And everything else is coming along nicely. Yes, I have a hanging basket just sitting on the front steps. I forgot I had ordered the one in the picture on the right from Sam's preschool fundraiser and I only have two hooks. So until I can get another hook, or take the hanger off this one, it'll just sit there.
This is a close-up of one of the planters on the porch. There are sixteen plants in that little planter -- eight petunias, four lobelia, and four coleus plants. It should be an awesome planter once everything gets established. And once the squirrels stop digging up half the plants every night. Those squirrels make me want to scream. And hire a squirrel assassin.
There is a planter of impatiens and lobelia at the BBQ patio and a planter of petunias on our picnic table. I can't wait until they start flowering a little more.
This is our flower bed. Since I can't take these plants with me I only put 44 in here. The ajuga and hostas are ones my parents transplanted from other places in the yard last spring. And some of the Sweet William survived the winter although I don't trust that they will actually flower this year.
The big empty spot behind the hostas in the picture on the right is for a cherry tomato plant. And the rest of the plants are snapdragons, Sweet William, alyssum, petunias and gomphrena which I'd never heard of before but looked pretty. (Dave and I both think it sounds like an STD. You're welcome.) And you can dry them so I might try to save a bouquet of them when we move.
Outside our kitchen window I have this hanging basket of portulaca. It's a bit of an experiment to see how they grow. And lest you think we are done, oh no! Come on up to the upstairs porch!
I have the watering can on the table planted with petunias. And you know how you are so sure you are going to remember which all colours you bought and then you get home and wonder why you didn't grab a label for each and every box of plants? Well, I have no clue what colour these will be. It'll be like a surprise when they finally bloom! And then I have the planter of verbena and lobelia in the corner. I think if I can find a bracket to hang off the railing, I will also bring the lonely hanging basket currently sitting on the front steps upstairs as well

So that's what's growing in my garden right now. It's mostly a lot of green with the promise of colour to come. I can't wait!!! What are you excited about in your yard this year?

So Dave took some closeup pictures of some of my flowers last night, after I had already written this post and I just had to share them. I cannot believe that these are actually growing in our yard.


  1. O.k...I actually took notes on all the comments I need to write. I know, you're welcome. :)
    1. I am jealous of your dirt. Nice and black. We have red clay. The end.
    2. I am also jealous of your hanging pots. It is too hot here...all mine die in the summer.
    3. I noticed you have a "Saskatoon" section on your husband's favorite restaurant is called "Saskatoon" and is owned by someone from now I will have to read all of those entries.
    4. Lincoln also is getting ready to move to a booster chair...sniff sniff.
    5. That may actually be all the comments I have. :)

    1. I'm so honoured you took notes :)

      1. The dirt in our boulevard is yucky, if that makes you feel any better.
      2. I am not guaranteeing that these pots will look awesome in the summer.
      3. Yep, I lived in Saskatoon until I was seventeen and that's where my parents live. When I come visit we will have to go to "Saskatoon!"
      4. I'm not sure Rachel is ready for the booster chair, but she sure thinks she is.
      5. That's too bad because I liked them all!

  2. I'm really excited to see your garden. I love flowers, but really have no idea where to start. Thanks for giving me lots of ideas.

    1. Just wait until next summer when I'm blogging about a yard we will actually own and I can do all sorts of fun things!!! I don't know much about Oklahoma's climate but if you have any questions just yell :)

  3. Things are looking great- those close ups are fantastic!! Also I looove your round picnic table!! I want one!!

  4. I share your hatred of squirrels. They've already started digging up my bulbs. And I've never planted bulbs before. Give me a chance!


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