Sunday, May 05, 2013

Birthday Happenings

So besides a birthday photo shoot and flying an airplane, how else did I celebrate my birthday??? Well, I was babysitting my friends' son as I do every Thursday so the three kids left me a birthday present huge mess to clean up. Whoo hoo!!! Also, they all three pooped at the same time and one of the poops decided to jump out of the diaper, slide down Rachel's curtains and land on the floor. I was thrilled because washing Rachel's curtains (and scrubbing poop off the floor) was exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday.
Sam has been into cucumber sandwiches lately which reminded me of my great love for them. Rachel decided to show me some birthday love by grabbing my bread off the counter and biting huge chunks out of it. I felt so special :)
In the afternoon I actually DID feel special because Janice came over with the above bunch of tulips and my favourite double chocolate brownies for an afternoon tea time. We sat in the sun and enjoyed a good hour and a half of uninterrupted conversation. For supper we ordered in pizza, which I love, and then Dave took Sam to swimming lessons. Janice and Tessa took Rachel and I out for Starbucks so that was awesome.
On Friday, because we had more time, Dave cooked an awesome meal of Pinterest-inspired Earl Grey Salmon and rice pilaf. He also bought me orange lilies that evening which are currently sitting on my dresser. So I have felt very celebrated and loved and special this year for my birthday. And now back to regular life, more or less. How boring.


  1. Wow! You've had a great birthday!

    1. It was a really good birthday. I think Dave was trying to make up for the fact that we were moving last year as I turned 40.

  2. Awww, the joys of being a mom...messes to clean up for birthday presents! Haha! So glad your friend and husband made your day special though! :-)

  3. Man, those kids sure know how to show you a good time!! You'll have to send them my way for my next bday! ;) Or...not. Glad the grown-ups did a little bit better!


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