Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I know that I promised you all a look at the many annuals I planted last weekend but the weather is not cooperating. Sunday it snowed. SNOWED for goodness' sake. Then we had frost warnings on Sunday night and last night. Yep, the temperature dropped below 0C last night. That's so pathetic. So I had to cover the plants which couldn't be brought inside lest they freeze and my hours of planting were all for nought come July. The rocks are so that the coverings wouldn't blow away because it was also very windy.
And the plants which could be brought inside all came to live in our basement, so this is the only view you get of our flowers today. All crowded in our basement. Boring.
I also caught a cold yesterday so my major plans for today are uncovering the annuals outside and getting the ones in the basement back out so that the rain forecast for later can water them so I don't have to. And if I have extra energy I'll wash the coverings which helped save my outside plants. And then I'm going back to bed. I know, I'm such an over-achiever.


  1. SNOW?!?! FREEZING?!?! Canada is WHACK, yo. Did it not get the memo that it's May? Sheesh. Sorry you had to cover up the plants and now uncover and wash everything...what a bunch of useless effort!! :) Well, not useless if it saves the plants, but still. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh my! Hopefully, Spring weather will be there to stay soon.

    1. Today, thankfully, is gorgeous and I am sitting outside and blogging. Love it!

  3. Yet another reason you need to move south! Get those visas now! Haha! So sorry about the snow and cold. Hope Spring comes to stay soon! :-)


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