Friday, May 17, 2013

1000 Scoops

So I was Googling to find out what sort of witty play on 1000 I could make for the title of this post. The first one I saw was "1000 Gifts" the book by Ann Voskamp. But I thought referring to all of my posts as gifts was a little much. Then I saw "1000 Goodbyes" which would have worked if this was my last post. But it's not because I'm having too much fun with this blogging stuff to stop at this point. Then I saw "1000 Words" but I figure I passed that landmark long ago! So I just decided to go with "1000 Scoops" because our my blog is called "Here's The Scoop." It was a joke between Dave and I and it also makes you think of ice cream (yum!) and giving you the news. Well you know, the news of our lives. And this is my 1000th Scoop. At least, when you add up all the numbers on the side there I get to 1000. My Blogger Dashboard thinks I'm actually at 1001 because it is confused and my actual post calculator says I'm at 1002 because I have one already scheduled to post for next week and I'm working on another one.

So Tracy asked a question about living overseas which I am going to dedicate a whole separate post to, once Dave scans all my pictures because I had an old-school film camera when I was living overseas and have no digital copies of them. Plus we decided to get rid of our scanner because we never used it. And then I wanted to blog about things which happened before 2008. Boo :( So yeah, that post is coming. Probably tomorrow.

Allison asked which state I would move to if I was going to live in the US. Ummmm... that one is a hard one to answer. Can you all just move to the same state and then I will pick that one??? Thanks :) Well, Dave and I talked about this and he had a hard time answering and I was like, "Okay, say your company was going to pay for us to live in The States for a year? Where would we go?" We decided that New York City was our top choice. I absolutely LOVE New York City although I dislike big cities in general. I am also becoming seriously curious about what it would be like to live in The South -- North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas,  Alabama, Mississippi... I am trying to convince Dave that we need to do a Southern road trip. I figure if I start talking about it like it's going to happen now, then maybe in the next couple of years it actually WILL happen! We shall see...

Now on to the winners. Having never done a giveaway before I thought I would video the actual picking of the winners. Dave and I think these videos are hysterically funny and have already watched them a few times. So without further ado... The video of the three (I seriously thought this would bring all my in real life friends who lurk around the blog out into the open. No such luck.) people I know in real life who entered to win!

And now for the blog friends... Ooooo -- the suspense!
So congratulations to Jen and Allison. I will send your prizes to you on Tuesday because we are heading into a long weekend. Whoo hoo!!! And thanks to all of you who have joined me on this crazy ride called blogging. It's been so much fun!

And tomorrow is going to be a seriously fun day and I CANNOT WAIT! Stay tuned for what we did... Again, more suspense. I'm so mean :)


  1. 1. YAY!!!!!! This made my day :) (Though I'm sorry that Rachel's day was apparently not made during the filming of those videos, ha!) Way to choose wisely, Sam!

    2. NYC is a great choice. If all my family didn't live in Texas, I would be very tempted to move there, at least for a few years!

  2. Oh yes, Rachel sounds just like Brody! Haha! :-)

  3. Oh man! My speakers aren't working. Boo! I can't wait to watch your videos! Congrats on making it to 1,000 posts. I'm sure you already know this, but I just love reading your blog. =) I have the feeling that if the two of us ever sat down to talk, we'd just laugh and laugh. So, when you are planning your tour of the South, add Oklahoma to the agenda. =)

    1. Thank you Tracy! And I'm planning on visiting you when we do our Route 66 tour. Obviously I need to be independently wealthy to do all this traveling!

  4. On your Southern tour (after you write your book...) if you visit South Carolina, you can have a free place to stay and the kids can be all wild and crazy together all night long....and then we will have to drink mountains of caffeine the following day....YES! Come visit!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! That sounds like a regular day here but way more fun! I can't wait!!!


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