Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Miscellany

"May Miscellany" is just a fancy way of saying "I have some random pictures I want to post and nothing better to talk about today." Sam and Rachel decided to stick all the stickers in the house on the front door awhile ago. They are mostly still on it, or at least the backs of them are. I need a razor blade, some Windex and a couple of hours of free time to get the door completely clean. I'm never allowing them to have stickers again.
Now that I've made one Pinterest recipe I've been inspired to actually make some more. I think the people who get their things pinned on Pinterest hire (or are) professional food photographers. Case in point:
Pinterest photo of individual baked oatmeal.
My photo of individual baked oatmeal.
And after all that Dave and I are only "meh" about them. Thankfully Sam will eat them.

A few weeks ago Sam and Rachel helped Dave put out the garbage, recycling, yard waste and food waste. Soon Dave and I won't have to do anything around here because these two will be pros!
Sam decided my hydrangeas should be decorated "for the green holiday." Do you see the grass he sprinkled on them? I guessed he meant Earth Day. Sam meant St Patrick's Day. Obviously that holiday made a big impression on him!
Rachel has decided that she is just too grown up for her highchair so she now often eats breakfast and, sometimes lunch, in Sam's old booster seat. Sometimes she just wants to kneel straight on the chair like a really big girl. I'm not ready for this yet. sniff.
Last Wednesday was a really warm day. We were outside for a bit in the morning and then after preschool Sam didn't even want to come inside. So I gave in and we had popsicles and the kids played in the sandbox and dug a (approved by me!) hole in the flowerbeds. By the time Dave got home we'd been outside and playing/digging/watering plants/weeding for well over two hours and we all needed baths/showers. In some ways I can't wait for the lazy days of summer! In other ways I know I'd be way more excited about them if we were living in our new (air conditioned) house :)

Before I sign off, Carrie (who is the originator of AlphaBitty moments) is hosting a blog giveaway in honour of Mother's Day this past weekend. Go here to enter to win a beautiful, personalized necklace. And I think that's enough randomness for today. See you all tomorrow!


  1. Ahhh!!! Great pictures! I don't like stickers either. My kiddos decided to put some on the side of Evan's dresser...I still can't get the backs off. Ugh!!! Karsyn is right there with Rachel. She wants to be a big girl. It is hard, but in a way, it's kind of nice too. =) Sam is way too cute in his sunglasses. And I agree, my pinterest food never looks just like the picture either. =)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get Pinterest picture perfect food. And I'm totally with you on the "big girl" thing. For instance, right now it feels like I'm toilet training both kids which is a little nuts.

  2. Stickers, oh my! Had a few of those mishaps too. My silly husband was actually the last culprit as he used them to stick a note on the door instead of tape. Ha! Yep, Brody prefers sitting in a big chair but he'll still use his booster high chair at home (all he's ever used). I love those fun days in the yard. We enjoyed dinner outside last night. It was so nice! I love Sam's cool shades and that Rachel holds her Popsicle by the Popsicle instead of the stick. So cute!

  3. My OCD flipped out just a little when I saw those stickers. I hyperventilated for you. Hope it helped!!!! And for the record, those hydrangeas are GORGEOUS. I do love those flowers.

    1. The hydrangeas are what is helping to keep me sane about the stickers! Ha ha ha!!! (Actually avoidance is helping keep me sane about the stickers. Also a good strategy!)

  4. OMG...the window full of stickers...I think I had 3 nails break just thinking about that nightmare. You are a way nicer mom than I would be. :) I would probably sell off all of their toys to fund a new window to be bought/installed so I didn't have to scrape stickers off. Ha.


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